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Quick Review | Temono Pipi

by , November 10, 2010

Quick Review | Temono Pipi

You would have heard us go on about Temono before. They are an amazing craft maker based in Melbourne, producing really sweet designs from really interesting leathers.

So we thought we’d grab one of their wallets, and try it in the pocket to see how it goes…

The Temono Pipi is a medium sized wallet (it’s a touch bigger than it looks in the images). It’s not really carry optimised or infinitely flexible, instead shooting for a beautiful look and a great hand feel. It works for guys or girls, and has a couple of configurations – either 6 slots with note, or 3 slots with notes and coins.

I guess the main drawcard with Temono wallets is the love that goes in to them. Every wallet is made to order, completely by hand, by the son of a whip and saddle maker. It means you’ll usually have to wait a couple of weeks for it, but the bonus is that you get to really play with configurations.

This is a wallet for your emotions. It feels amazing, shows it’s craft well, and is incredible value considering the love that has gone into it. It is a craft wallet though, and so does not use tricks like skiving to reduce seam bulk and stacking density. That means there are smaller and more efficient options from non-craft makers.

It’s been fun having a wallet that either my wife or I can use, that gets loads of attention and interest, and forces you to reduce your wallet contents. I just avoid it if I’m trying to be skinny jeans boy and carry a small package. Hmmm, perhaps I should stop trying to be skinny jeans boy

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