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The Ultimate Guide to Best EDC Pencil Cases

The Ultimate Guide to the Best EDC Pencil Cases

by , January 29, 2020

Pencil cases. On the surface, a seemingly simple concept. But like any carry method, dig down and you’ll discover styles upon styles to choose from. So what one’s right for you? That depends … let’s dive in!


Maybe you have a minimalist setup and simply want a carry solution to keep everything together. Alternatively you might need to carry a large stationery setup every day. Luckily, pencil cases come in a range of sizes. So lay out all of the intended stationery on the table to get a good feel for what you’ll need.

Style & Materials

The great thing about stationery carry solutions is that they’re varied. Horizontal rounded cases with zipper openings, rolls and wraps with snap or cord closures, self-standing cases, and more. All in a variety of materials as well, from leather and waxed canvas to metal and nylon. So make sure to think about what you’re carrying inside… and if it might leak and soak into the fabric of your case. If that’s a possibility, avoid things made of straight canvas, without linings or in lighter colors.

Blackwing Pencil Roll


If you like to quickly swap out stationery items or easily see everything at a glance, consider picking a carry solution that offers good access and visibility of the contents. Some cases open wide or allow you to lay the contents flat (i.e. wraps and rolls) to quickly access individual items. Self-standing designs can also help you quickly pick out particular items from your setup as required.

LIHIT LAB Smart Fit Actact Stand Pen Case – Oval Type

Protection and organization

Want to protect fragile pencil leads against breakage or maintain your freshly sharpened tips? Consider carry options that provide some added protection, such as hardened exteriors for bump protection or flaps to cover and protect tips. Elastic loops and pockets will also help you securely carry items without the contents bumping together on the go, not to mention keeping your gear tidy and accessible on a quick-grab.

So with the above considerations in mind, check out some of the best EDC pencil cases below that cater to a range of budgets, style preferences and carry loads…

Yasutomo Niji Roll (US$5.45)

Yasutomo Niji Roll

Like to see all your supplies at a glance? The Niji Roll lets you do just that. You can easily store a variety of pens, pencils, brushes or other items in the elastic loops, keeping your gear secure but readily accessible when you need it. It’s made with water-resistant nylon canvas and features a snap closure to keep things nice and tight.

Caran d’Ache Empty Metal Tin (from US$5.55)

Caran d’Ache Empty Metal Tin

If you’re after sleek, simple and budget-friendly, this hinged metal case is a solid stationery storage option. The tray lets you pick out the contents easily and the design comes in standard and deep sizes to suit a range of items too. Note, it will scratch and take on bumps, but that’s all part of the character, right?

Jackson’s Pencil Roll With Clear Window (around US$8.50)

Jackson’s Pencil Roll With Clear Window

One for the sketchers and artists, the Jackson’s Pencil Roll provides a mix of easy access and flexible carry options. The nylon canvas roll features a clear window to quickly discern the contents, and holds up to 24 pencils. And includes a detachable pencil case for additional storage options.

Kokuyo Will Stationery Actic Pencil Case (US$9.81)

Kokuyo Will Stationery Actic Pencil Case

Kokuyo offers a vertical take on stationery storage with this self-standing pencil case. The design enables straightforward access to the contents, with pockets to organize your gear. Simple. Smart. And super affordable.

Muji Canvas Pen Case Square (around US$10.40)

Muji Canvas Pen Case Square

Fuss-free in design and understated in aesthetics, this pencil case from Muji suits office, school, home and out-and-about use equally well. It’s made from cotton and features a pull tab for easy zipper opening.

Derwent Pocket Wrap (US$11.24)

Derwent Pocket Wrap

Slim and compact, the Derwent Pocket Wrap features a fold-over design for space-saving storage on the go. Open it up and you’ll find two pockets for organization. The wrap is made from durable canvas and can be laid flat for convenient access to items.

Muji Nylon Mesh Pen Case Square (US$12.98)

Muji Nylon Mesh Pen Case Square

Looking to shed grams in your setup and quickly locate stuff? This lightweight Muji pen case helps keep carry weight down on the go, while the mesh construction lets you easily discern the contents at a glance.

LIHIT LAB Smart Fit Actact Stand Pen Case – Oval Type (around US$14.30)

LIHIT LAB Smart Fit Actact Stand Pen Case

Fancy a pen case and pen stand in one? Look to the LIHIT LAB Smart Fit Actact Stand Pen Case. Press down on the base to create a flat stand that also pops the contents up for convenient access.

Sma Sta Pen Case (US$16.40)

Sma Sta Pen Case

The Sma Sta Pen Case also offers two-in-one functionality, serving as both a pen case and pen stand. The top folds down and secures in place with a magnet, creating a stand for wide-open, ready access to the contents.

Tran Deluxe Pencil Case (from US$17.28)

Tran Deluxe Pencil Case

If you want access with a little added protection, consider the Tran Deluxe Pencil Case. This hardshell case features a zipper closure to secure items on the go and is made with weatherproof 600D nylon. Interior elastic loops store items neatly in place, while the clamshell opening lets you easily access particular items as needed. The case also comes in a choice of options that store 24 up to 120 pencils.

The Brown Buffalo Porterpen Case (from US$28)

The Brown Buffalo Porterpen Case

The Porterpen Case is a tough, multifunctional pouch for storing stationery or other small essentials as you go about your day. Crafted in California, it comes in a choice of durable and weatherproof materials and can be wiped clean in the event of spills or leaked pen ink.

Bellroy Pencil Case (US$39)

The Ultimate Guide to the Best EDC Pencil Cases

Stylish for any setting and thoughtfully designed for quality access, Bellroy’s Pencil Case opens up wide to form a tray for rummage-free item retrieval. And pull loops on either end also enable easy opening and closing. A fine choice if you’re looking for something with smarts and elegance.

Nock Co. Brasstown – Zip Roll Pen Case (US$40)

Nock Co. Brasstown – Zip Roll Pen Case

Nock Co. provides a playful take on stationery cases with the Brasstown. Inside the case you’ll find a six-slot tongue to store pens and pencils, while additional items can be securely stored in the main compartment too. Made by hand in the USA, it comes in a variety of colorways and features a durable DWR-coated 1000D Nylon construction.

Midori Brass Pen Case (US$42.50)

Midori Brass Pen Case

If you want to elevate your stationery carry style, Midori have you covered. Their sleek Brass Pen Case brings a touch of elegance to your work or study desk. Made in Japan, this case will take on a unique patina with use and is a fine choice for minimalist stationery setups.

Blackwing Pencil Roll (US$60)

Blackwing Pencil Roll

A collaboration between Blackwing and Bradley Mountain, this pencil roll is made to last and brings rugged charm to your daily setup. It’s made by hand in San Diego using Martexin waxed canvas and oiled black leather. Added bonus? It comes with five Blackwing 602 pencils and offers additional pockets for storing other items such as a notebook and eraser.

hardgraft Fat Stick Pencil Case (around US$80)

hardgraft Fat Stick Pencil Case

If you’re after premium pencil carry, look to hardgraft to deliver their signature understated luxury. The Fat Stick Pencil Case combines expert Italian craftsmanship and beautiful vegetable-tanned leather, resulting in a piece that feels great to use and looks classy wherever you take it.

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