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EDC Makers

Urban EDC Supply | 4 of Our Favorite EDC Makers Right Now

by , April 30, 2021

There are incredibly skilled artists and craftspeople emerging every day. With 2021 well on the way, we wanted to showcase Urban EDC Supply’s 4 top EDC makers right now. Each of these EDC makers has their own backstory and mission. And we’re fans. We hope you guys dig it too!

New Market Venture: Chaves Knives Bolt Action Pen

Chaves Knives Bolt Action Pen

We have all come to love Chaves Knives for the unmistakable hand-feel, amazing craftsmanship, and overall down-to-earth personality and aesthetic that Ramon brings to the market. So, we couldn’t be more excited to see him smash down the doors of the pen market with his latest bolt action pen. With all the fit and finish we have come to expect from the Chaves production knife lineup, the latest bolt action pen comes in subtly stonewashed titanium that is soft to the touch while retaining a tough-as-nails construction. Not to mention, that sweet, sweet Chaves aesthetic and infamous skull clip.

Beads for Everyone!: Combat Beads Concealed Pipe – Vintage

EDC makers - Combat Beads Concealed Pipe

Combat Beads is a Canada-based company that has been crafting high-quality beads for years. The colors, designs, and metal finishes they use give me either military or serious Star Wars vibes. These EDC makers continue to amaze with their variety of beads and drivers, stunning pipes, stash containers, and leather goods. I never knew how much I needed a solid grab point on my carry items until I got into the bead game. Adding anything from Combat Beads to my carry makes me feel like I’m adding custom wheels onto a muscle car. It’s the finishing touch that completes a functional and beautiful carry.

New to Market: Ohlone Knives Goat – G10 (Exclusive)

Ohlone Knives Goat – G10 (Exclusive)

Ohlone Knives (pronounced o-lo-nee), named after the Ohlone Indians is a brand created by Deric Costa. He started the brand as a way of paying homage to his ancestry while following his passion for custom knife creation. The Ohlone were incredibly skilled hunters, trappers, and fishermen. I love it when makers mix their passion with their heritage. That is when the craftsmanship shines. Our first endeavor together is the Goat – G10. The slim profile and great edge retention make this a stand-out for everyday tasks. The green or jade G10 inlay is an exclusive collab with us which reminds us not to forget our connection to Mother Nature.

Up-and-Coming Designs: T&P Ti-Breaker – Titanium

T&P Ti-Breaker – Titanium

Tactical&Portable (T&P) is consistently creating new designs inspired by elegance, with their belief that “One should never have to sacrifice durability for beauty”. So if you’re looking for a tie-breaker between EDC tools, give their new Ti-Breaker a shot. Bad pun I know, but seriously their Ti-Breaker is made from Grade 5 Titanium and 35 grams in weight. It’s super versatile and would pair well with any knife you currently carry. Jose is a US Veteran with an affinity for creating EDC essentials from raw material. Each product is made in the USA. T&P is a stand-out with us, as their gear has proven time and again to handle any job with class and precision in rural to urban environments. 

This regular EDC column is written by our friends and fine folks at Urban EDC Supply.

EDC pocket scalpel featured in hero image is the Urban EDC Supply Vitesse Rockit & Leather Slip – Elmax (Exclusive)


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