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Pacsafe® x SLNT® Anti-Theft Backpack


Pacsafe® x SLNT® Anti-Theft Backpack

by , May 31, 2022
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Security, durability, and style take the forefront in this collaborative backpack. Pacsafe, a brand known for its line of anti-theft products, joined forces with SLNT which is known for its signal-blocking Silent Pocket® Faraday patent, to design a protection powerhouse of a backpack ideal for work, travel, and commuting.

With plenty of organization and a detachable laptop sleeve, the Pacsafe® x SLNT® Anti-Theft Backpack became my go-to bag for everyday carry to the office. This review is slightly different than others, because not only did I consider the functionality as a pack, but also the efficacy of its security features. It really is innovative!

Pacsafe® x SLNT® Anti-Theft Backpack


  • Name: Pacsafe® x SLNT® Anti-Theft Backpack
  • Brand: Collaboration between Pacsafe and SLNT
  • Format: Backpack
  • Measurement: Height x Width x Depth: 17 in x 12 in x 6.5 in
  • Capacity: 20 liters
  • Weight: 2.9 lbs
  • Zippers: YKK AquaGuard weather-resistant zippers
  • Material: 750D polyester with a water-resistant coating, Pacsafe anti-theft technology, Silent Pocket Faraday laptop sleeve
  • PriceUS$259.95


Who It Suits

If you carry sensitive information on your laptop that requires protection from signal attacks, this is the bag for you. If you worry about potential pickpocketing or other theft, this is the bag for you. If you want functionality with a sophisticated look, this bag is for you. Think business professionals and government officials, as well as commuters and tech travelers.

Who It Doesn’t

This backpack is not ideal for carrying big, bulky items due to its rigid shape. It is also not meant for outdoor recreation such as hiking.

Pacsafe® x SLNT® Anti-Theft Backpack


The Pacsafe® x SLNT® Anti-Theft Backpack is eye-catching for its sleek and minimalistic design. Not to mention, it is professional and modern enough to translate from the office into your urban commute. The 750D polyester exterior is water-resistant and durable – quality you can see and feel. It also gets the added sustainability bonus for being made from recycled plastic.

Pacsafe® x SLNT® Anti-Theft Backpack


The pockets and organization of this backpack are astounding. I was able to consolidate some of the pouches I carried in my former bag because the Pacsafe® x SLNT® Anti-Theft Backpack provides several pockets of varying sizes and functions – they really thought of everything.

The front compartment is great for easy-access items such as a wallet and keys, while the main compartment has a zippered mesh pocket perfect for pens, a lower pocket where I store my mouse and charger, and a Fidlock™ snap-in laptop sleeve (fits the 16″ MacBook Pro). There is also a “secret secure pocket” on the back panel for valuable items like cash or your passport. With thoughtful organization, it feels much larger than 20L.

Pacsafe® x SLNT® Anti-Theft Backpack


As I mentioned before, it was important for me to see how the anti-theft and signal blocking features stood up to manufacturer claims. Suffice it to say, they did!

Upon first receiving the Pacsafe® x SLNT® Anti-Theft Backpack, it took me a couple of minutes or so to figure out the Pacsafe zippers without instructions. There is a locking mechanism to keep the zippers in place, but the individual zippers also slide into each other, creating a secondary security wall. From my point of view, it would be difficult for a pickpocketer to stealthily and speedily steal from anyone carrying this pack.

Pacsafe® x SLNT® Anti-Theft Backpack

Furthermore, the patented Silent Pocket® appears to block signals and tracking. While my MacBook Pro is in the Faraday sleeve, it does not receive iMessages, nor does it share location until removed. However, I do wonder if blocking GPS tracking means I will not be able to track down the MacBook if it were stolen.

Pacsafe® x SLNT® Anti-Theft Backpack


While the Anti-Theft Backpack is not the most ergonomically designed product due to its rigidity, it makes me feel comfortable knowing my laptop is not likely to bend or break. It is still noticeably more comfortable on my back than other everyday office-carry packs I’ve used. The padded straps and back panel help distribute the weight well. I enjoy the ease of access to the compartments (when the zippers are unlocked), and the quality construction feels like it will last for years.

Note: As a petite woman, I believe the discomfort is a result of my small torso, so if you’re broader in stature, it may feel just fine for you. 

Pacsafe® x SLNT® Anti-Theft Backpack

The Good

  • Sleek design
  • Excellent security features
  • High-quality construction and laptop protection
  • Thoughtful organization

The Not So Good

  • Rigid shape causes slight discomfort
  • Difficult to access compartments when zippers are locked
  • Unknown how the Silent Pocket® laptop sleeve affects ability to find if stolen
  • No options for different capacities

Pacsafe® x SLNT® Anti-Theft Backpack


There are few reasons not to get the Pacsafe® x SLNT® Anti-Theft Backpack, especially if you need the increased security – its innovative technology is unbeatable. Since it is not meant for extended carry, but ideal for transporting things to and from the office, the slight discomfort I experienced is excusable and possibly even necessary to ensure the safety of my laptop. I recommend it for everyone and anyone who wants the style with functionality. At $259.95, it is an investment, but an investment that will last for years. If you’re keen to know more about the pack head over to SLNT.com or post your inquiry in the Carryology Classified group!

Many thanks to Christina Ortiz for this review.

Pacsafe® x SLNT® Anti-Theft Backpack

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