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Craft and Lore ‘Introduction’ Giveaway

Craft and Lore ‘Introduction’ Giveaway

by , July 7, 2015

In a world where impersonal mass manufacturing is continually on the rise, there’s something comforting in the fact that makers like Chad Von Lind and his brand Craft and Lore exist. Based in North Idaho, Craft and Lore creates leather goods that are beautiful in their elegant simplicity and functionality. Ranging from bags and wallets to belts and key carry, the pieces are made by hand with premium materials and an attention to detail that speaks for itself. Built to last, they become old friends; welcome daily companions with stories to tell of your journeys together.

Craft and Lore

Craft and Lore Horween Dublin Port Wallet

Craft and Lore’s new Kickstarter campaign showcases the striking Port Wallet, offering the opportunity to purchase this little beauty at a significant discount to the normal price. Available in a choice of leathers and colorways, the wallet is constructed using one piece of leather that is wrapped around itself and meticulously saddle stitched.

kickstarter port wallet

Cash and frequently used cards can be stored in the outer sections, while the inner section provides storage for cards that are used occasionally. The wallet develops its own unique patina with use and as a handy tip, if you want to break the leather in sooner, simply squeeze extra cards into the wallet overnight during the first week of use.

Craft and Lore Port Wallet

Win your very own Port Wallet!

Fancy putting your own mark on a Port Wallet? Well to celebrate the launch of the Craft and Lore Kickstarter campaign, we’re giving away a pocket-sized dose of handcrafted leather goodness. Up for grabs are two Port Wallets – that’s doubling your chances of winning 😉 – simply click here to enter the competition.


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