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Carry Giveaway

Carryology Giveaway!

by , October 10, 2012

Carryology Giveaway! Everyone likes a giveaway, and while we try to keep them to a minimum we do allow exceptions for special occasions – point in case?! Roztayger, one of our favourite carry retailers, are celebrating their first birthday! A big achievement in todays financial craziness. Funnily enough, instead of getting gifts for their birthday, Roztayger are more keen to give something away… What’s on offer? The Marcus Trip weekender from A Property Of… – you can view over at Roztayger’s site. How to win it? Easy, real easy. Sign up to the newsletter form below where you will be automatically signed up to both the Carryology and Roztayger lists, and we will pick out a random name from the list. Can’t get easier than that right? Time balance? We’ll give it two days. It’s Wednesday now, so think Friday lunchtime Daylight Savings Time Melbourne, Australia. You can keep signing up to the newsletter after that though if you desire some amazing carry information delivered to your inbox on a semi-regular basis ;) Cool? Hope you’re amped. We’re trying to get more giveaways happening for you guys, but want to make sure they are great and you get something epic… Anything on the wish list you’d want to win?

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