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The James Brand X Carryology - Release hero 2


The James Brand X Carryology: Exclusive Release

by , April 28, 2020

Carryologists, we are so excited to finally unveil our first ever EDC collaboration. 


The Rover Capsule Collection has officially landed!!


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An all-in-one companion designed to slip into your pack and roll along for the ride – writing, screwing, cutting, prying and stashing your back-up Benjamins, so you can focus on the road ahead.


Built with top-tier materials, a combination of titanium, aluminum, stainless steel and G10, and designed to carry compact, lightweight and strong. The Rover Collection can be carried wherever you roam, from airport terminal to off the beaten path.


Since you’re a Carryology reader, you have exclusive access to this capsule 12 hours before it goes public on The James Brand website, so you know what to do!




Shipping restrictions


Canadian readers, please order from the US store by clicking the US flag icon at the bottom of the shop page.


Some shipping restrictions do apply to parts of Asia and South America. See bottom of the page for details.

The James Brand X Carryology - Rover Capsule 11

The James Brand X Carryology release 1


The Ellis pocket-tool

Scales in primer gray G10

Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel tools

Paracord lanyard

Length: 3.5 inches / 8.9 centimeters

Weight: 2.8 ounces / 79.4 grams


The Cache River bit driver

6Al-4V annealed titanium barrel

Anodized aluminum tip

Turning mechanism on a bearing

Includes 2 Wiha bits: Phillips #2 and Torx T6

Length: 5.3 inches / 13.3 centimeters

Weight: 1.1 ounces / 32 grams


The Stilwell compact pen

6Al-4V annealed titanium barrel

Anodized aluminum pen

Length: 3.5 inches closed, 5.3 inches open

Weight: 0.9 ounces / 24 grams


Skinth Solutions Sheath

1000D Cordura nylon


The Ellis pocket-tool

Scissors, screwdriver and bottle opener

Allthings® pry and scraper

Paracord lanyard and bail loop

Lockback design



The Cache River bit driver

Bit driver

Secure watertight barrel for stashing valuables

Strong magnetized tip for connecting to bits

Keyring loop

Polka dot knurling for grip


The Stilwell compact pen

Shrinks for compact carry / extends for comfortable writing

D1 replaceable black ink cartridge

Lanyard for easy pocket retrieval  

Everything you need, in one place


When we teamed up with The James Brand we took it to our readers and the EDC community: “What tools do you need when you’re on the road, bouncing from tarmac to dirt tracks?” The response was swift: screwdriver, pry bar, scissors, pen and emergency cash to get outta a jam. That was our brief. And we’ve delivered everything you need, in one place.


Light. Strong. Compact.


When you're roaming far and wide, you need tools that are designed to take a beating, so they won't let you down in a pinch. While still being light and compact, so you can travel fast and light and focus on the things that matter.


That's why we've opted for only the best materials: a combination of 6Al-4V annealed titanium, Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel, G10 scales, and orange anodized aluminum. Light, strong, and seriously handsome.




Blades and planes don't mix, so we've designed the Rover to be TSA-safe with a scissor length below 4 inches from the pivot point. So it'll get through the security gates and onto the plane without (too much) hassle.

The James Brand X Carryology Rover Capsule

james brand x carryology ellis hero

Ellis reimagined

Featuring brand-new stainless steel scissors (a first for The James Brand), a combination screwdriver and bottle opener, and a scraper and pry, this tool will make quick work of a lot of tasks on the road. And yup, we’ve ditched the blade so you get 90% of the utility of a knife while being 100% ready to board a flight.

G10 scales

Super lightweight and strong, G10 is the perfect material for the Ellis's scales. It's incredibly hard to crack. It doesn’t shrink or expand when temperatures change. And it provides superior grip, when wet or dry.

The James Brand X Carryology Rover Capsule (ellis tool)

james brand x carryology cache hero

New Cache on the block

Developed from the ground up, the all-new Cache River works double time. It’s not only a bit driver that features a Ti barrel and magnetized tip (with Phillips #2 and Torx T6 Wiha bits included) but doubles as the waterproof stash cylinder for your backup cash or small valuables. Hook it to your keys or secure it somewhere safe, and it’ll come in handy when things go south. 

The James Brand X Carryology Rover Capsule (river cache)

stilwell pen hero

The pen is mightier…

When you are on the road, a pen that you can keep in your pocket and have at the ready at any moment is worth its weight in gold. But one that extends for a way more comfortable writing experience is even better. 

The Stilwell features a titanium barrel, a lanyard for easy deployment, and a replaceable D1-style black ink cartridge – a super reliable and ultra-compatible style, so you won’t have trouble finding the ink and brand you’re after, wherever you’ve landed.  

So whether you’re filling out a customs form while in your cramped airplane seat or writing a handwritten thank you note once you land at your Airbnb, this titanium and aluminum pen looks handsome and comfortably gets the job done.

The James Brand X Carryology Rover Capsule (Stilwell pen)

Sheath game heightened

When you’ve got a killer capsule, you need the trio to stay together, not loosely floating around at the bottom of a bag or in pockets – especially when we’re constantly changing from one bag to another. So we teamed up with Eric Au of Skinth Solutions – he handmakes possibly the best nylon EDC tool organizer sheaths and pouches in the game – to tailor a 1000D Cordura nylon sheath just for this. Simple, functional, and with an easy-to-use grab handle to retrieve your capsule in one quick grab when you need it most.

The James Brand X Carryology Rover Capsule (skinth)

call to action hero

Now that you’ve read all of this, there may only be a few left, so visit the purchase link right now before they evaporate into the ether.


>>> BUY NOW <<<

More information on shipping restrictions


If you're in Canada…


You'll get rerouted to the James Brand Canadian website but stock isn't being kept in Canada. So please scroll to the bottom of the shop page and click the US flag icon. This will take you to the US page and will allow shipping to Canada.


If you're in Asia…


You'll be rerouted to the US site, but please note TJB only ship to Japan, Philippines, Singapore and South Korea. If you're outside of these countries you'll need to use a proxy service.


If you're in South America…


You'll be rerouted to the US site, but please note TJB only ship to Brazil. If you're outside of Brazil you'll need to use a proxy service.


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