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EVERGOODS x Carryology Phoenix Collection, Chapter 2; CTB26 and CAP1


EVERGOODS x Carryology Phoenix Collection | Chapter 2

by , September 24, 2022

Rewind back to 2021, July. The EVERGOODS x Carryology CPL24 and CAP2 Phoenix had just sold out in minutes. Again. After an unprecedented second batch was greenlighted by Jack and Kevin. I sit in silence, eyes wide open, speechless, adrenaline pumping.  My phone rings immediately, cutting through the silence, with Jack Barley on the other line. “Dude! That was insane.”

We’d both just witnessed something special. The Phoenix collection had captivated the community. And that love and admiration continued as the packs were delivered, the CPL24 and CAP2 combination becoming the daily go-to for hundreds and hundreds of carry fans. 

So collectively we decided to rebirth the Phoenix, to let it rise from the ashes again and soar. But it couldn’t be the CPL + CAP2 combo. No, that was its own moment in time… we had to find another two-hit combination that would shake up the carry world. 

Introducing… the EVERGOODS x Carryology Phoenix Collection, Chapter 2.

EVERGOODS x Carryology Phoenix Collection, Chapter 2; CTB26 and CAP1

Same DNA. New Pack.

In the beginning, the question was what we work on. The EVERGOODS geniuses had a bounty in the design pipeline and set to release: the CHZ22, CHZ26, CAP1, PLC20, CTB35, MHP3.5, and more. 

After a long and passionate internal debate, one bag kept coming back up in the discussion, the CIVIC Travel Bag 35L (CTB35). Several of us had used this awesome piece along our adventures and it checked so many boxes of perfection. It was EVERGOODS’ most feature-rich pack. A design triumph in utility and comfort and versatility. 

EVERGOODS x Carryology Phoenix Collection, Chapter 2; CTB26 and CAP1

Why so much love for the CTB35? First off, we had all been eagerly waiting for EVERGOODS to update their legendary discontinued CTB40 backpack. While that pack was great, we knew the evolution of the EVERGOODS design process, materials, and details had progressed leaps and bounds. We were hungry for its replacement. And when it finally was revealed to the world… it seemed to be every single thing we had wished for in not just a travel-specific pack… but any pack. It’s basically a CPL24 on steroids, featuring water bottle pockets on both sides, a crazy breathable mono mesh back panel construction, an additional zippered organization pocket on the front panel, and more. Out in the field, it just kept delivering. Long story short, we fell in love. 

Distilled for EDC

The thing is… it was a 35-liter travel pack. Sure, some folks can rock a 30-35 liter bag for their everyday carry. But for most, it’s too much bag for EDC. But what if? Great ideas are simple ideas. And when they hit, it feels so plainly obvious.

I called up Jack and Kevin. “We love the CTB35. It’s essentially the most feature-rich product in the EVERGOODS lineup. But what if… hear me out… we distilled it down to a size that is EDC-friendly and light-travel-friendly? A brand new product, based on an iconic and already likely Carry Awards contender. Let’s shave off 5-10 liters and create the absolute ultimate Goldilocks pack, the CTB26”. Inaudible muffled discussion from Jack and Kevin through my phone’s speaker. A short pause. The silence was broken with a “Hell yeah!”

EVERGOODS x Carryology Phoenix Collection, Chapter 2; CTB26

CTB, Perfect for EDC

CTB26. The perfect size for EDC and travel. Wildly feature-rich. Access and space. Organization at a premium. Water bottle pockets on both sides. EVERGOODS’ brand new highly breathable monofilament back panel. Integrated harness and comfortable contoured shoulder straps. All the access and pocketing we’re familiar with on the CPL24, with even more added in. It would make for one hell of an EDC pack, that would double as a light travel pack.

EVERGOODS x Carryology Phoenix Collection, Chapter 2; CTB26

The Phoenix or the Egg? 

The CPL24 Phoenix had its own ultimate accessory – the CAP2 Phoenix (nicknamed from our community “Phoenix Egg”). So it would be unjust not to do the same. The CTB26 needed its own egg!

EVERGOODS x Carryology Phoenix Collection

I feel completely confident in saying that the CAP2 is one of the best tech pouches in the world. But since the release of our last collaboration, EVERGOODS released the CAP1. A more compact tech kit, clipping shut with magnets. The CAP1 made a massive splash and is still making tsunami-level waves among our team and readers. The CTB26 Phoenix had to be combined with the CAP1. Done.

EVERGOODS x Carryology Phoenix Collection, Chapter 2; CAP1

Hip Replaced With Slip

Now, since we landed on the sweet spot 26-liter sizing, we realized it made the hip belt obsolete. A hip belt was just not necessary on a bag under 30 liters in size. But this deduction also made way for an opportunity, because sometimes when you’re traveling for business or with the family you’re rocking with a piece of rolling luggage (4 wheels preferred, please), making for a smart two-bag system. 

And because we removed the hip belt, Kevin discovered that we could repurpose the unused space behind the back panel into a trolley pass-through for that rolling luggage. No moving parts, dead simple, wildly functional. Win, win, win. 

EVERGOODS x Carryology Phoenix Collection, Chapter 2; CTB26

Laser PALS and Pocket Magic

Another fun tweak. Inside the main compartment, the EVERGOODS CTB35 has two strips of webbing for a pouch or quick stowage of pens and such. But, being this is a collaboration, we saw an opportunity for an extra pocket. So the gents pulled off something awesome here… with lasers. To replace the two straps of webbing, we added a laser-cut VX42 panel to attach MOLLE/PALS accessories, or even to just clip a pen, flashlight, or pocket knife onto. Bonus? It acts as a pocket, wrapping down and back up to the top. And it acts as an absolutely awesome quick-access spot, sized perfectly for a CAP1 pouch.

EVERGOODS x Carryology Phoenix Collection, Chapter 2; CTB26

DNA Check, Keep It Phoenix 

Phoenix DNA means the Color, Materials, Finish (CMF). So Chapter 2 would follow the same formula. And if you’re not familiar, here’s the skinny:

Murdered Out VX42

The most important choice of every collab is the face fabric. EVERGOODS are very proud of their fabrics. And they should be. They developed them custom to look great, feel great, drape perfectly, and above all, be extremely durable. Just like the previous Phoenix, we opted for Dimension-Polyant X-Pac fabric, in the darkest murdered-out black that we could get. Of course, it would be the VX42 variant. It has a 420d nylon front face which is laminated to a polyester X-ply and a 50d polyester backer. Durable, strong, lightweight, waterproof.

EVERGOODS x Carryology Phoenix Collection, Chapter 2; CTB26

Extreme Color-Matched High-Vis Interior

These two gents don’t like to cut corners. The signature hi-vis orange interior wouldn’t be enough. You see, fabrics aren’t just on the shelf in every color you could imagine. Usually, there is a bright orange option. But no, not here. Kevin requested a specific Pantone PMS color code so they could have their crazy tough 420d HT nylon 6,6 with PU coating liner fabric custom-made. 

But they didn’t stop there. Trims (AKA all the little extra parts that make up a pack) also aren’t just sitting on the shelf in a kaleidoscope of colors. Black is always available. But Kevin went ahead and had all the interior trims and fabrics custom-made and color-matched to the orange Pantone PMS. Yes, all of them. Zipper coils, zipper tape, zipper pullers, edge binding, webbing, mesh, and the Velcro. 

Even the hardware is custom-made to the correct color (but more on that specific part later). Having worked as a developer, I know this is a serious feat. Some brands don’t even go through all this trouble for their big normal production product runs. 

And the end result of all this extra work? An absolute assault on your senses. You can almost taste how shockingly bold it is, excessively matched and complete, because the details matter.

EVERGOODS x Carryology Phoenix Collection, Chapter 2; CTB26 and CAP1

EVERGOODS x Carryology Phoenix Collection, Chapter 2; CTB26 and CAP1

EVERGOODS x Carryology Phoenix Collection, Chapter 2; CTB26

YKK and Weatherproof

Waterproof exterior X-Pac fabric means some additional upgrades are necessary. YKK’s reverse coil #10 come standard on the standard-issue CTB pack and thanks to their water-resistant DWR finish, they do great at keeping the rain out. But… well… collab, right? We hit up our friends at YKK and selected their beefiest water-resistant zipper, the #10 AquaGuard reverse coil. The PU tape on these zippers shakes off a heavy downpour without flinching. Plus, they’re buttery smooth and a pleasure to use. 

EVERGOODS x Carryology Phoenix Collection, Chapter 2; CTB26

Hypalon for Handfeel

Speaking of zippers… EVERGOODS use really nice fabric knotted zipper pullers on all their carry products. They work well and they have a unique look. 

So how do we upgrade? Well, we selected Hypalon, a classic favorite material. And then we cut them to shape… with lasers. The same design, but laser-cut Hypalon. That thick durable coating gives a great tactical experience, easy to grab with or without gloves, and it’s extra durable for thousands and thousands of accesses to your gear.

EVERGOODS x Carryology Phoenix Collection, Chapter 2; CTB26 and CAP1

Inverted Phoenix

A professional illustrator and a co-founder of Carryology itself, the legendary Hadrien Monloup was commissioned to create the EVERGOODS x Carryology Phoenix artwork (now his fourth collaboration project artwork). And of course, he delivered the heat.

One patch will be included with each CTB26 backpack sold, which is the only way to get your hands on this killer collectible patch. It will never be sold individually. But we wanted to have a little fun to differentiate between the original Phoenix and the Phoenix, Chapter 2. So we inverted the 3D silicone patch’s colors. Orange background, black Phoenix and logos.

EVERGOODS x Carryology Phoenix Collection, Chapter 2; CTB26 and CAP1

Ultra Bright, Ultra Limited RVX25

And… just like the last Phoenix … we wanted to create an even rarer bird of fire. Something ridiculous and entirely out of the ordinary. Something for the collectors. It was expensive and hard to negotiate with EG’s factory, but we got it done again. Win!

For those insane folks who want to burn the retinas out of everyone in their general vicinity, you can try to capture one of these fiery blaze orange on orange Phoenix CTB26s and CAP1s. 

EVERGOODS x Carryology Phoenix CTB26

Like hunting mythical beasts, it certainly will require great timing, skill, and probably a lot of luck. 

Though note, there is a cost increase for these limited quantities in the orange. It reflects the additional hefty markup the factory charged EVERGOODS to make it happen, but we just had to do it again!

EVERGOODS x Carryology Phoenix Collection, Chapter 2; CAP1

Introducing… the EVERGOODS x Carryology Phoenix Collection, CTB26 and CAP1.


The EVERGOODS x Carryology Phoenix CTB26 and CAP1 release September 26th, 6PM Eastern (New York time). 


The ‘exclusive release article’ will be published on our Carryology.com homepage, and will include the shop link to purchase.




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EVERGOODS x Carryology Phoenix Collection, Chapter 2; CTB26 and CAP1


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