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The Third Annual Carry Awards :: Have Your Say!

The Third Annual Carry Awards :: Have Your Say!

by , January 19, 2015

Yup, it’s that time again. Where we crown the best of the best, shower them in digital fanfare and hoist them atop our shoulders for nailing great carry.

And today’s the day that you – our savvy enthusiasts and carry ninjas – get a say. And we’d love to hear your opinion on what was rad this year (or even in the last 24 months because sometimes the little guys take a while to be noticed).


Consider this the raddest platform to give the carry you dug the kudos it deserves, and to recognize the role of innovation and expertise in the industry. If crew pushed the boundaries, nailed ‘fitness for purpose’, and dished up pieces that amalgamated function and fashion, then hey, they need a little love and exposure for making the awesome happen, right?

What are we looking for besides great carry? We want new products and new blood. If a piece of carry got the gong in previous years, then sadly, it’s out of the running. If it’s been updated and given a facelift, then cool, it’s in. Click here for last year’s winners.

Why are these awards important? Because they’re unbiased, uninfluenced by brand affiliation and are as close to a true representation of the best of the best as we can manage. Furthermore, these awards draw the right attention to the right crew. How? By introducing them to our amazing carry audience. Remember, makers are only as good as their audience. 😉  And a savvy, outspoken audience pushes makers to drum up better product – it’s a win-win.

Below is the voting form. There’s 9 voting chances. So you can vote for each category if you want (you carry guru!). You’ve got until the 25th January to drop some knowledge. So ready your mouse-clicking fingers and begin, Carryologists. Vote for as many categories as you like. But choose wisely…



Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.