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Carry Awards VII: Reddit OneBag Selects…

by , May 31, 2019

As part of our Seventh Annual Carry Awards, we’re dipping into reddit’s well of carry knowledge for the first time. Asking the well-traveled r/onebag community what their top picks for Best Travel Clothing and Best Carry-On Bag would be. Discover their selections below (and check out some other ineligible but still solid recommendations here)…

Best Travel Clothing: Western Rise Evolution Pant

Western Rise The Evolution Pant

Packing space is often at a premium, especially if you’re traveling with just one bag. So you need each piece to work hard, maximizing adaptability. The Western Rise Evolution Pant really excels at this. It pairs an understated professional look with excellent packability to save space and keep your carry weight down. Great for work-related travel or when you want to go a little more dapper on your travels, such as during a nice meal out. Plus it’s great for active use too. Made with bluesign® approved stretch nylon Supplex® fabric that offers two-way stretch, the pant is water repellent, stain resistant, and abrasion resistant, while maintaining a soft feel for comfort. And you’ve got six pockets too, useful for keeping those smaller essentials close at hand. Travel, everyday and outdoor use in one pant? What more could you ask for?

Best Travel Clothing: Darn Tough Hiker No Show Light Cushion Socks

Darn Tough Hiker No Show Light Cushion Socks

Good socks are a travel staple. And the Darn Tough Hiker No Show Light Cushion Socks also rate highly in the travel clothing department, deserving their chance to shine. Their mix of travel-ready features makes them an excellent go-to essential for a range of trips, whether you’re hitting the hills or sticking to urban streets. They’re tough yet comfy, with some welcome cushioning on the base for long days on your feet. They’re also antimicrobial, wick moisture, and adapt to temperature differences, keeping you cool in warmer weather and cosy in winter. And that lifetime guarantee is a nice touch too.

Best Carry-On Bag: MEC Vapour Overnighter Pack

Carry Awards VII: Reddit OneBag Selects…

Easy access, protection from the elements, carry comfort, organization, and light weight? Not to mention darn fine looks? The weatherproof MEC Vapour Overnighter Pack provides them all. And with its affordable price tag, this 33L pack is great value too. The clamshell opening and variety of pockets let you avoid that pesky rummaging for one elusive item. It weighs just 875 grams. And it’s comfortable to boot, a priority when you’re hauling all your travel gear, potentially for several hours.


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