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Brand of the Year | Carry Awards IX

Brand of the Year | Carry Awards IX

by , March 29, 2022

In previous Carry Awards, we’ve awarded Brand of the Year to bigger brands – brands with 50+ staff. And while these larger brands certainly merit their awards, smaller ‘up-and-comers’ often have a tough time competing in this category. So this year, we’ve shifted our focus to small brands making waves. Brands on the up that are doing ‘big’ things in the Carry space. And our Brand of the Year certainly doesn’t shy away from big challenges; striving to release meaningful designs, push sustainable practices, and product longevity…


It all started with an idea, a tent of the future. The idea was born from the frustration of pitching a tent in the dark with rain pelting down. The result? The Cave, an inflatable geodesic dome with no poles, pitched in less than a minute and made to withstand the elements. A home, or heim, in the wild.

It was the product that introduced Heimplanet to the world, concreting the brand as a forward-thinker and innovator. A brand not afraid to think outside of the box.


Since then, Heimplanet have kept expanding their offerings, moving into the Carry space with release upon release, designing bags for urban commutes, active adventures, and more. Each release well-considered and quintessentially ‘Heimplanet’ – showcasing clean, versatile silhouettes and smart utility.

But, of course, they’re more than just sharp design. The brand are committed to fostering adventure and travel with quality gear that has your back in demanding environments. And this love of exploring the world also inspires them to protect it.

Heimplanet Motion Ellipse Backpack

Heimplanet creates products that are built to last. Tough, long-lasting gear doesn’t need to be replaced often, helping to decrease the use of resources in manufacturing new products and keeping current ones out of landfills.

All their products come with a lifetime warranty and Heimplanet is a member of 1% for the Planet.

They’re also on a quest to implement more sustainable business practices, developing their DYECOSHELL fabric.

Brand of the Year: Heimplanet Transit Line Travel Pack 34L

DYECOSHELL is a hard-wearing fabric that offers great resistance to abrasion but also uses dope dyeing. This process of dyeing uses far less water, chemicals, and energy than traditional dyeing and also results in far lower CO2 emissions.


Heimplanet’s commitment to sustainable materials is commendable. But it’s not the only way they’re helping to reduce the environmental impact of their products. Their RE:STORE program was launched with a specific goal: to keep their products in use for as long as possible. The longer the life cycle of an existing product, the less need there is to create a new one (which uses a lot of resources in its creation).

So how does it work? You send Heimplanet your used gear, and after a gear inspection you will receive a credit voucher of 10% to 20% of the product’s purchase price (depending on its current condition). Your old gear will be repaired or recycled, and remanufactured gear will be sold at a lower price in Heimplanet’s RE:STORE shop. Quality gear gets a new lease of life, customers get a cool discount, less manufacturing resources are used, and unnecessary waste stays out of landfills. Win-win all around.

Brand of the Year: Best Up-and-Comer - Heimplanet

Heimplanet demonstrates that you don’t need to be a big company to lead by example and make a positive impact. They are committed to long-lasting gear that helps you get out there, without overlooking a sustainable approach. They’re not afraid to experiment and seek out innovative designs and push the needle. And all the while searching for ways to support and celebrate the planet.

Bravo, Heimplanet!


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