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Travelteq get Active :: Interview

Travelteq get Active :: Interview

by , May 9, 2014

We’ve given Travelteq some love over the years. Their keen sense for producing smart and convenient carry pieces that, you know, look smart as well is something we dig. And when Michiel van Ogtrop from Travelteq dropped me a line and informed me that his team was getting ‘active’ and they were trying to round up crowdfunded support for their new carry-on, I knew I was keen to learn just a little more…

What was the seed of inspiration that spurred you to create your Active Carry-On Suitcase? Any light-bulb moment?

On a trip to Granada we went skiing and surfing in one weekend. We missed a suitcase that goes by our principle “smart traveling” but can also handle the kind of travel that we were doing.

What were the major challenges you faced?

Weight and strength. That’s why we always had to find a balance. That’s why we used kite surf pullers. Strong and lightweight. Also finding the right wheelbase so it does not flip over.


Did you learn anything new and awesome?

Yeah, that basically it is possible to make a great product, with function and style, if you know exactly what you want upfront. Also it is very important to use a designer who has knowledge of the materials. This saved us so much time and hassle.

How have you tested the product? 

We have tested our prototypes on different journeys. A week’s skiing trip in the snow, rain, sun and snow storms. Also we used it on a weekend sailing trip in rain and sun. We immediately noticed we had a winner. Totally waterproof and the materials stay intact.


What kinds of active people have had their hands on this?

We collaborated with a designer, Hans Schaap, who also designs kite surf gear for Mystic. No one better to have their hand on the product. 😉 And ourselves obviously.


You’ve moved into a different market here by extending into ‘active’. What was your motivation to move out of your comfort zone?

Our target group asked us several times for a more active, accessible and more affordable line of products. It was as easy as that.

Have you employed any new blood with expertise in active or did the same talented crew handle the development?

Same talented crew with input from our new designer, Hans.

You also put some serious energy into researching the active carry-on market, what did you discover? 

A lot of poor quality. Seemingly convenient products, which in reality aren’t that convenient. A lack of the combination between style and function. So we organized the bag so that you can always get to your laptop and wash bag without having to open the bag, the wheels are sandproof, the bag is extendable for journeys where you want to bring home extra shopping, it uses only the strongest materials and we kept it light and easy to store.

What’s next for you and Travelteq Active?

Active laptop bag, active 90-liter suitcase, duffel, backpack.

Anything you’d like to talk about that you think I’ve missed?

We had great fun in the process and we really hope to service the people who have been missing what we have been missing.

Click here if you’re keen to throw some support behind Travelteq’s new Active Carry-On. 



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