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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 8 May

Week In Review ~ 8 May

by , May 8, 2016

Modular bags that adapt to your needs, a holster that zooms in on multifunctional camera carry, plus a wallet that keeps sticky fingers away from your valuables. Welcome to the Week In Review…

Keeping cards and cash safe and secure

Ögon Designs Code Wallet

Cash, cards and ID are important – and deserve more protection than most wallets provide. But the Ögon Designs Code Wallet is different, preventing the opportunistic removal of cash or cards thanks to an integrated three-digit locking code. For further protection the wallet also features RFID-blocking technology, as well as optional Bluetooth tracking. The Code Wallet fits up to 12 cards, cash and receipts, with a fan-shaped interior design for quick access. Learn more through the Code Wallet Kickstarter campaign.

Shifting the way you carry camera gear

MindShift Gear Multi-Mount holsters

City streets, the local park, remote outdoor landscapes…your camera lets you capture them all. But that doesn’t mean your camera bag is so cooperative. Camera gear can be bulky and tricky to carry, and a lot of camera bags don’t offer the versatility to comfortably carry that gear across a range of environments. Help is at hand however with the MindShift Gear Multi-Mount Holster. Designed to significantly reduce the hassle of hauling camera gear, the Multi-Mount Holster provides five mounting configurations. Alternate between shoulder, front, chest, belt and pack configurations to suit different settings. The holster also comes in four sizes to accommodate different gear setups, and features an easily adjustable stabilizer strap system to secure it in place and distribute weight effectively.

The best of both worlds

High Sierra Olmsted Collection

While many people enjoy lifestyles that combine urban living and outdoor exploring, a lot of carry isn’t as flexible. Rather than restricting itself to one sphere, the Olmsted Collection from High Sierra bridges the gap between urban and outdoor. The collection is inspired by High Sierra’s Chicagoland roots and the landscape architect and designer Frederick Law Olmsted, whose designs integrated urban and outdoor environments. Included in the collection are the Clybourn Tote, Belden Backpack, Avondale Backpack and Elmwood Rucksack, named after landmarks and areas within the Chicago region. Design features include a “Sweet Home Chicago” lining inspired by the Chicago flag, organizer pockets that come in handy on the trail or for keeping EDC tidy, and sleeves that can accommodate either a laptop or a hydration bladder depending on where the day leads. To stay in the loop for availability info check out High Sierra’s website.

Hot urban styling meets versatile modular design

Black Ember Gen03 packs

Tough and tailored to your carry needs, Black Ember’s new Gen03 collection of bags are all about modularity and durability. Designed to adapt to your lifestyle, the collection features the 25-liter Citadel Pack, 30-liter Holdall Msngr that can be carried as a messenger or holdall, the 30-liter TL3 Pack, as well as the 7-liter DSLR Case that can be used separately or attached to the base or top of the Citadel Backpack. Each of the pieces in the collection can be tailored to particular carry setups through Gen03 Mods (modular accessories). Complementing the versatile designs is the collection’s hard-wearing and weatherproof construction that keeps gear safe from the elements and handles work, travel and leisure use with equal ease. Check out the Black Ember Kickstarter campaign for more details.


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.