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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 29 June

Week In Review ~ 29 June

by , June 29, 2014

A convenient take on a charging cable and a hole in one for golf carry are just some of the fun things that have been happening in the carry world lately. Keen to discover more? Well sit back, prop your feet up (it’s the weekend, after all) and let us take you through a leisurely tour of the creative carry that’s been cropping up recently…

Staying hydrated when hitting the water

Being dehydrated while surrounded by water – it’s not too difficult to get into this tricky situation when you’re paddling in the sea far from shore without any suitable hydration. Even if you’re paddling in fresh water you might not be too keen to take a swig of what’s under you (who knows what you might be chugging down along with H2O). However, CamelBak’s new paddle collection can help you avoid finding yourself up the creek without a paddle (literally and figuratively) thanks to a combination of water reservoirs, paddle holsters and handy extras including a safety whistle and extra storage options.

Keeping it casual

Bowhurst Casual Carry

Are you going on an extreme mountaineering expedition? Perhaps a round-the-world travel adventure? Need something protective for your tech gadgets? If you answered no, then welcome to the ranks of that elite group known as….just about everyone. Yup. Sometimes you just need a simple, lightweight bag where you can chuck in some essentials and head off without being weighed down by a large and cumbersome piece of carry that’s bursting with features you don’t actually need all the time. This was the inspiration behind the Casual Carry by Bowhurst. This drawstring backpack has a flat back panel to sit more securely against your back and the clip allows the bag to be attached to other carry items or anywhere else you’d like to hang it up. The Casual Carry Kickstarter campaign is currently live if you’re keen to snag a bag, with free shipping to the UK and USA.

Cumbersome golf carry swings 180

DV8 club heads and DV8 sports bag

Some things are just plain awkward to carry and golfing equipment is no exception. Hauling a golf bag isn’t exactly a fun experience to start with. Try navigating the headaches of transporting bulky golf gear on a plane or in a cramped car and the chances are high that you’ll soon want to be swinging those golf clubs, just not in the way they were intended for. The folks behind the DV8 golf clubs recognized this portability problem and decided to do something about it. Did they create a new golf bag? Yes they did but that’s not all they did. They redesigned the golf club as well, creating a two-part club shaft that accommodates a variety of club heads, all of which can be carried conveniently in a backpack that incorporates an iPad sleeve. So instead of swinging your golf clubs across the airport in disgust, you can practice your game by easily transporting your gear on your back while cycling, using public transport, in an airplane overhead luggage bin or compactly stored in your car. The DV8 Sports Kickstarter campaign has surpassed its funding goal but there’s still time to get in the game before it finishes.

Fuss-free carabiner cable


Charging cables aren’t always the most convenient things to carry – sometimes they’re excessively long and they have a habit of escaping their restraints and setting themselves free in your bag. However, the NomadClip aims to make things a lot easier. This carabiner-shaped charging cable can clip on keyrings, bag hooks or anywhere else you may want to keep it and plugs into a USB port for convenient charging. The NomadClip comes in a choice of a Micro USB cable or a lightning cable to accommodate a variety of devices and can be pre-ordered now.

Luxury for the ladies

Bonastre SS14 Women's Collection

If you’re a lady who loves her carry candy then get ready to fall for Bonastre as this Parisian brand has introduced their first women’s collection. Beautifully eye-catching and sure to result in sighs of longing in the office and leisure environments, the SS14 women’s collection incorporates sumptuous pieces such as the Lady Bug L, the Handbox and the Lady Bug M constructed using luxurious vegetable-tanned leather.


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