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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 28 September

Week In Review ~ 28 September

by , September 28, 2014

Eager for a bag that can serve your diverse everyday and carry-on needs? Do you want the functionality of many tools without the inconvenience of hauling all of them? How about a key-chain that could possibly save your life one day? You’ll find all of this and more as we take a look at what the carry industry has been up to lately…

Multifunctional modularity

SOOT Electropack 2

It’s unlikely that a single bag is going to satisfy all your carry needs. However, the SOOT Electropack 2 might come close. Why’s that, you ask? Well it’s actually two bags in one. This modular carry-on bag consists of the Mini Messenger and the Commuter Backpack that can be zipped together to form one bag or alternatively used separately. The bags can be connected but remain separate compartments or the compartments can be opened to form one large volume. There’s also options to add some extras including a battery pack for charging tech devices on the go, as well as a DSLR camera insert, rain cover or water bottle. If you’re keen to snag a SOOT bag you can do so via the bag’s Kickstarter campaign which has already exceeded its funding goal.

Tailfeather’s new backpack swoops into action

Tailfeather Treecreeper backpacks

Australian brand Tailfeather are known for their sleek selection of crafted leather goods but a new addition to their canvas bag collection joins the party in the form of the Treecreeper backpack. The pack is constructed out of a combination of top grain leather and waxed canvas with brass hardware. Inside the bag are two pockets for organizing smaller items, as well as a sleeve pocket that accommodates a tablet or 13-inch laptop.

Plenty of perks in a pocket-sized format

CHA / O / HA Design Co. EDC Multi-tool Card

Are you one of those people who often finds themselves in need of a particular tool when you’re nowhere near the tool in question? Are you just unlucky? Is it life’s idea of a practical joke? A more likely explanation is that you simply don’t have the space on your person to carry a range of tools so you’re prepared for a variety of situations. It’s just not practical or convenient to bulk yourself or your bag down with lots of items every day for a situation that may only arise infrequently. However, the EDC Card is designed to be many tools in one compact package, a multi-tool that can perform over 30 funtions and still fit within your wallet or pocket. Plus it’s made from top-notch CPM S35VN stainless steel, so you really can use it every day without worrying about its durability.

A key piece of safety carry for your car


The SafeKEYPER is a key-chain that goes a step further – this piece of EDC can be used to shatter a car window and cut a seatbelt in the event that a car becomes submerged in water and the occupants need to escape quickly. The SafeKEYPER can be attached to a car key, so that if it is required the user already knows where it is and can access it immediately rather than having to look around for a tool that could help them. In addition, the SafeKEYPER has a quick-release mechanism that allows it to be pulled off the car key without needing to take the key out of the ignition. Anyone who is keen to own this handy tool, which incorporates a blade for cutting a seatbelt and a tip for breaking window glass, can find further information via the SafeKEYPER Kickstarter campaign.

Filson’s cool new carry

Filson Soft-Sided CoolerIf you need a cooler, the chances are pretty high that you’ll be going on some sort of adventure. Perhaps it’s as laidback as a picnic in the park or as active as a grueling all-day hike, but either way you want your cooler to be tough enough to withstand rugged use. Enter Filson’s Soft-sided Cooler. The brand has built a reputation on producing durable gear that keeps up with you every step of the way wherever life may take you. Their new cooler, constructed out of water-repellent Rugged Twill and rustproof brass hardware, has an interior fully lined with waterproof insulation and also features four pockets for extra storage.


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