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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 26 October

Week In Review ~ 26 October

by , October 26, 2014

Looking for a simple way to tame wild cords? Want a wallet system that adapts to changing carry needs or a way to get around having to take your backpack off to access the contents? All of this and more waits to be discovered in our Week In Review…

Versatile wallet system set for lift-off

Shuttl Wallet with Space Station Wallet Dock

Minimalist wallets are great for avoiding bulging pockets, potentially reducing back strain and simplifying your daily carry. What about those times when you need to carry a little bit extra though? Well the Shuttl Wallet and Space Station Wallet Dock have been designed to navigate around this problem. The Shuttl wallet holds at least six cards and folded bills, while the Space Station wallet accommodates the Shuttl wallet inside it as well as extra cards and bills but is still compact enough to fit in a front pocket. This allows the user to avoid the hassle of swapping cards in and out of their wallet depending on which ones they need at any given time. Instead, they can keep their frequently used cards in one place but with extra carry space provided by the Space Station if they require it. If this sounds like the sort of wallet you want to park in your pocket, check out the Shuttl Kickstarter campaign.

 Top of the pack for quick and easy access


Backpacks are great for hauling loads but not so great for accessing the contents quickly. However, the new wolffepack backpack has stalked onto the carry scene and is ready to hunt down some converts courtesy of its easy-access design. The pack can be swung from your back to your front in one move and then secured in place again on your back without having to take the pack off or needing to move the shoulder straps. This enables quick access to the contents while on the go and the pack can also be clipped to your front in crowds to avoid bumping people and to keep your bag within sight to deter opportunistic thieves. The pack is available in an urban model and an active model to accommodate different use environments and you can see it in action via the wolffepack Kickstarter campaign.

Sleek style for business and holiday travel

Briggs and Riley Transcend Collection

Business trip on the horizon? Going somewhere fun on holiday? If your luggage looks like it’s seen one too many trips round the baggage carousel perhaps it’s time to put it on permanent vacation and invest in some new pieces. The new Transcend collection from Briggs and Riley is ready to roll and haul your gear wherever you need it to go thanks to a range of carry-on, check-in and EDC pieces. The collection includes a sleek selection of items to suit various carrying needs, from spinners and duffles to a tote, weekender and backpack and the understated style accommodates travelling for business or pleasure.

A useful buddy for unruly cords


Earbuds are strange creatures – one minute they’re making you smile by supplying your favourite tunes to your ears and the next they’re excelling at aggravating you with their contortionist routine. You can rely on earbuds to do exactly what you don’t want them to do by ending up in a tangled mess no matter how neatly you try to wind them up. The Budsband however is a simple and effective means of keeping tricky cords in their place. It’s small, quick and easy to use, with no fastener or unwinding required. It can also be used to shorten cords and attach them to zipper pulls and buttons. The Budsband has already smashed its funding goal on Kickstarter but there’s still time if you’re keen to snag some for your unruly cords.

Teddyfish offers up new catches

Teddyfish 9/TF and 8/TF

In the market for an eye-catching backpack? Teddyfish have introduced two new packs that fit the bill, the smaller 8/TF backpack and the larger 9/TF. Both packs incorporate YKK zips and a cotton canvas lining, with the exteriors available in twill polyester and 16 oz cotton canvas. The larger pack accommodates a 15-inch laptop while the smaller pack fits a 13-inch laptop and both designs are available in a variety of colours to suit your personal tastes.


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