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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 24 August

Week In Review ~ 24 August

by , August 24, 2014

New camera carry from Incase, a streamlined approach to guitar and bass cases, plus a means to protect your iPhone while doing away with charging cables – just some of the fun and handy things the creative folks in the carry industry have been getting up to recently…

Incase gets poised for action

Incase Action Camera Collection

Get ready and get set to launch into action, the director behind your own grand adventure courtesy of the Incase Action Camera Collection. The collection consists of 13 products designed to carry and protect a GoPro® cameras and accessories. Two bags form part of the collection, namely the Pro Pack and Sling Pack, as well as a selection of travel cases. The accessories in the collection will be available from 31 August, while the bags are being released on 1 October. 

Haerfest takes the nature-meets-art approach to new collection

Haerfest Collection G

Haerfest’s latest releases are inspired by the work of artist Vija Celmins who is known for her photo-realistic paintings and drawings of the natural world. Collection G boasts colorways and textures designed to resemble natural environments. The collection incorporates backpacks, sleeves, totes and a pouch, constructed using brass hardware, cowhide leather and Japanese jacquard cotton.

Streamlined carry that’s music to musicians’ ears

MONO Guitar Sleeve and Bass Sleeve

Pairing already weighty musical instruments with bulky and heavy carrying cases is a quick way to get in a jam for all the wrong reasons. MONO’s new Guitar Sleeve and Bass Sleeve are designed to bring harmony back to the world of instrument carry thanks to their streamlined style that doesn’t sacrifice protection. The sleeves have a slimmer version of MONO’s Headlock Neck Suspension System to protect the neck and headstock against impact, along with an EVA insole, providing musicians with peace of mind that their guitar or bass is safe and sound.

Your pack, your way

Timbuk2 Custom Prospect Laptop BackpackCan’t find a backpack that quite fits your personal style? Well if the prospect of being able to customize the look of a backpack to suit your personal aesthetic tastes sounds appealing, check out Timbuk2’s new Custom Prospect Laptop Backpack. The roll-top pack is weatherproof and large enough to fit a 15-inch laptop, with customization options in the form of a choice of materials and colorways as well as optional water-bottle pockets.

Kicking charging cables to the curb

CasePlug iPhone case

If never having to use a charging cable again sounds like a pleasing alternative to unravelling the twisted mess that your iPhone cable always seems to get into, then CasePlug may be just the sort of carry accessory you want to slip into your pocket. An all-in-one iPhone case and USB plug, CasePlug is designed to provide protection for smartphones while enabling them to be charged or synced via a USB port without the need for a connecting cable. CasePlug can also be combined with The Port Extender, an accessory that accesses power through a car’s cigarette lighter jack and can be mounted anywhere, so users can still charge their phones if their cars don’t have a USB port. The Kickstarter campaign for CasePlug is currently underway if you’re keen to find out more.


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.