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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 22 February

Week In Review ~ 22 February

by , February 22, 2015

Have a penchant for slim packs and wallets? Want a briefcase that makes access and getting through airport security a breeze? These are just some of the enticing new carry we’re dishing up this week…

JBird’s new rucksack takes flight

JBird Collective PDX Commuter RucksackRocking a slim profile that keeps things streamlined at work but is ready to play at the drop of a hat, JBird Collective’s new PDX Commuter Rucksack is happy to glide between office duties and downtime. Featuring Martexin Waxed Canvas, full grain leather detailing and a 1000D Cordura liner, the bag incorporates a padded sleeve for a 15-inch laptop and is available in black and navy/gray colorways. If you need a little more space, its 12-liter volume expands to 16 liters when the top isn’t folded, with a zipper closure keeping things secure in the main compartment.

Creative tools and case that measure up to profesional use

FLINT Studio Tools

Maybe you do it every day as part of your work. Perhaps only occasionally when the need calls for it. Either way, you need accurate tools to get the job done. What job, you ask? Measuring. From professional designers to enthusiastic DIYers, having reliable measuring tools on hand just makes life easier – and that’s exactly what FLINT Studio Tools is offering with their Kickstarter project. A quality caliper and ruler stored conveniently in their own sleek carry case. The case features a waterproof zipper, a loop for easy carry and the ability to hang it, as well as interior magnets that hold the contents in place even when the case is tipped open – so you don’t need to worry about your kit doing a meet-and-greet with an unforgiving floor.

A modern briefcase with modern conveniences

Modern Industry Bob briefcase

Need a briefcase? Meet Modern Industry’s Bob. Bob’s got plenty of appealing features that will entice you to do business with this fellow. Tough construction with #10 Martexin Original Waxed Canvas and waterproof zips, an external pocket for quick-access items, plus an interior padded section for a 15-inch laptop. Not to mention, he’ll seal the deal with his nifty clamshell opening – great for easy organization and zipping through airport security.

Multifunctional minimalism


So it’s time to give your old wallet the old heave-ho…and you want a replacement that’s sleek and lightweight without sacrificing strength. The Walle[Ti] ticks all these boxes, with a minimalist form constructed out of titanium that can hold 1 to 8 cards using an elastic band. If you’re looking for something a little extra from your wallet the Walle[Ti] does this too, serving as a bottle opener and a smartphone stand without needing to remove any cards.

Making camera carry a snap

Restrap Shoot strap and Shoot Mini wrist strap

Camera straps can be tricky creatures, fiddly and time-consuming to get on and off…but not so with the Shoot neck/sling strap and Shoot Mini wrist strap from Restrap. Both straps are adjustable to suit different user needs, plus they feature handy magnetic connectors that make removing or attaching them quick and easy – rather than a fumble filled with a few choice curses along the way.


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.