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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 21 September

Week In Review ~ 21 September

by , September 21, 2014

Been stung with overweight baggage fees at the airport? Looking for an easier way to hold your tablet or some carry that will help keep you safe while cycling? Come and discover how new developments in the carry industry can make your life easier…

Shifting up a gear with easy-access packs

MindShift Gear rotation180°® Travel Away™ Backpack and rotation180°® Trail™ Backpack

Want quick access to your camera, binocular or maps when you’re hitting the trails? Keen to avoid prying eyes during your travels as you sling your pack off to get at what you need? Well MindShift Gear has two new releases on the horizon that are designed to satisfy these desires. The rotation180° Trail and rotation180° Travel Away both feature a swivelling beltpack within a backpack, enabling users to have quick and easy access to items they need while on the go, without having to take their backpacks off. The rotation180° Trail has a total volume of 16 liters and accommodates a water reservoir, while the 22-liter rotation180° Travel Away has dedicated sections for a 15-inch laptop and 10-inch tablet within the backpack and an 8-inch tablet fits in the beltpack. In addition, the beltpack from both bags can be worn separately for a smaller carry option.

Capture KILLSPENCER’s new camera carry

KILLSPENCER® Precision Pocket ™ Modular Camera Bag Collection

Do you love taking photos and have a penchant for KILLSPENCER’s premium products? Then get ready to focus on their new Precision Pocket™ Modular Camera Bag Collection which can be snapped up from 23 September 2014. This primarily leather-based collection incorporates a camera bag, a removable foam-padded camera bucket, lens pouches and an SD card carrier, all of which can be combined with the KILLSPENCER accessory case and camera strap to round out your camera carry. Plus with customization options available you can tailor items to your preferences.

Don’t get weighed down by excess baggage fees

TUL Suitcase by TUL Thustrelie

When you’re looking forward to your holiday adventure or focused on work details for your business trip, the last thing you want to hear is that you’re getting an extra companion tacked onto your travels in the form of an overweight baggage fee. Of course, you can weigh your luggage before your trip by using a luggage scale (which means you have to pack everything first and close your case) or attempting to hoist the load up while standing on scales yourself (and hoping not to fall over while craning your neck to read the numbers). Alternatively you could opt for the hassle-free TUL Suitcase which features a built-in scale that weighs the contents of the suitcase without requiring you to lift it. You can keep track of the weight whilst you’re packing so you’ll know if you’ve gone over your limit before everything is packed and the case is shut. The suitcase also comes with an impact-resistant jacket because let’s face it, travel isn’t kind to luggage.

Rickshaw Bagworks reflects on fabric innovation

Rickshaw Bagworks REFLECTIVE Performance Tweed™ collection

Rickshaw Bagworks are turning the spotlight on safety with their current Kickstarter campaign for their REFLECTIVE Performance Tweed™ collection. Featuring innovative reflective material, the collection incorporates a phone case, hip pouch, messenger bags and a backpack available in either solid or striped reflective tweed material to boost your visibility to other road users while cycling or simply walking about town.

Turning the tables on awkward tablet carry

SpinPadGrip by XPAL Power and Smart Design

Tablets lend themselves to all sorts of uses and are a lightweight alternative when you don’t want to carry around a heavier laptop. However, their versatile functionality doesn’t always go hand in hand with convenient handling. The SpinPadGrip is designed to change that, serving as a means of carrying and displaying a tablet. Functioning as both a handle and a stand, the SpinPadGrip can rotate 360° and recline 180° so you can position your tablet to suit your needs. It will also attach to most smooth-surfaced tablets as well as cases for added versatility. If you’re keen to take this carry device for a spin, check out the SpinPadGrip Kickstarter campaign.


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