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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 15 May

Week In Review ~ 15 May

by , May 15, 2016

A golf bag you’ll want to swing into your next game, modular handbags for modern lifestyles, and a world-class camera bag in a new compact size. Discover more in our Week in Review… 

A day bag with a little bit Xtra


Often less is more – but sometimes more is more. The KILLSPENCER XL Daypack finds a happy balance between both design approaches. One inch taller and wider than KILLSPENCER’s Daypack, the XL offers extra space for your gear, while still retaining a clean and pared-down design that looks stylish in a variety of settings. Constructed with full-grain black leather and suede, the pack fits a 15″ laptop and includes a choice of interior pockets to organize your EDC essentials.

A scaled-down sibling for an acclaimed camera bag

Peak Design The Everyday Messenger 13

The original Peak Design Everyday Messenger took the photography bag world by storm, winning acclaim across the industry for its innovative approach to everyday and camera carry. But now big brother’s got a helping hand to accommodate smaller loads and smaller body frames. The Everyday Messenger 13 is a scaled-down version of the bag that is designed to fit a 13″ laptop and mirrorless camera kits. All the great features and versatility of the original, in a more compact carry form. Check it out here.

A hole in one for golf carry

Raon Golf Pack

“I never have any trouble carrying my golf equipment.” When’s the last time you heard that? Yeah, us neither. That’s because the equipment is heavy and awkward to carry, and most golf bags do your body no favors. But the Raon Golf Pack aims to change the way you carry golf equipment for the better. By using a suspension system inspired by a hiking backpack design, the weight of the golf bag is transferred to your hips and legs to reduce strain on your shoulders and back. The pack includes a sternum strap and adjustable hip belt, along with pockets for organizing smaller carry items. Plus it accommodates a hydration bladder, so you can stay easily refreshed between holes.

Modular handbags for life on the move

Onnix London

Modularity isn’t a concept commonly associated with women’s handbags – but Onnix wants to change that by creating modular handbags that adapt to different carry needs. The brand’s tote bags feature a modular clutch, enabling the bags to change in volume as well as aesthetics to suit a range of carry requirements for work and play. The tote and clutch can be used together or separately and each can be carried by hand or with a shoulder strap, adding further versatility to the mix. Learn more through the Onnix Kickstarter campaign.


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.