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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 14 December

Week In Review ~ 14 December

by , December 14, 2014

DSPTCH drops two new additions to the lineup, Lexdray unveils a new collection and Ethnotek embrace vibrant embroidery…it’s been busy times in the carry world. Keen to get more details on the creativity? We’re serving them up right here in our Week In Review…

Lexdray leaps into new territory

Lexdray Winter 2014 Intrepid Collection

If the holiday season has you jonesing for some adventure, how about throwing some new pieces from Lexdray’s Winter 2014 Intrepid Collection into the mix and seeing where life takes you? The collection features water-repellent zippers and introduces a new fabric for Lexdray in the form of a custom twill fabric. Adventure seekers who want to bring their tech along for the ride can snag themselves a tablet case available in both standard and mini sizes, as well as a laptop case available in three sizes to accommodate 11-inch, 13-inch and 15-inch laptops. For adventures further afield, the passport case is ready for takeoff, while the reversible tote can just as easily change its look as the contents it can carry.

Creative, colorful craft from Ethnotek

Ethnotek Rabari CollectionBursting with vibrant colors and designs, incorporating traditional crafting techniques and available in limited numbers only – Ethnotek’s new Rabari collection is rocking plenty of appeal. The pieces in the collection feature a technique known as applique embroidery which has been carried out by women from the Rabari tribe in India. A single thread panel can take around 8 to 10 days (3-4 hours a day) to make. Limited to just sixty pieces, the collection includes the India 9 Raja Pack and India 9 Raja Thread.

Work meets workout with DSPTCH

DSPTCH Tech Messenger and Gym/Work Bag

DSPTCH have drafted two new recruits into the ranks aimed at those who like to work hard and play hard. The Tech Messenger has a freestanding form that enables the contents to be accessed easily while the bag is situated on a work surface. There’s dedicated sections for a tablet and 13-inch laptop, as well as enough organization to avoid a free-for-all with the contents. The Gym/Work Bag is ready to roll with work and workout situations alike, combining sections for a laptop and tablet with a ventilated shoe compartment, a wet/dry pouch and even a secret security stash as part of its tricks.

Streamlined style from Ikku

Ikku Black Backpack

Sleek styling, quality materials and a design that looks the part when it comes to the office but can kick back when it’s time to relax. Put them together and you get the Ikku Black Backpack which forms part of Ikku’s Black & Blue collection. Keeping things chic with a combination of vegetable-tanned full-grain leather and organic cotton denim, the backpack holds up to a 13-inch laptop and has interior and exterior zipped pockets to keep things tidy.

Hard Graft puts camera carry in the frame of focus

Hard Graft Box Camera Bag

Love a bit of leather when you’re out capturing the world on camera? With the Box Camera Bag Hard Graft have focused on the photographer who likes snappy carry for their gear. The Box Camera Bag features single-piece construction and is made out of vegetable-tanned Italian leather and Italian wool felt. Inside is an interior pocket, as well as a removable padded wool divider. The bag also has a double layer of closure with interior cord ties and outer snap buttons.


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.