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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 12 October

Week In Review ~ 12 October

by , October 12, 2014

Want to have some fun in the rain with Boreas? Looking for a chic carry companion for your iPhone and cards or a tough little wallet that won’t weigh you down? We’ve got it all in our Week In Review…

Boreas battles the elements

Boreas Echo and Monterey backpacks

Anything more than a light drizzle can make you want to pack up your plans for a grand adventure of outdoor exploring. However, the new Waterproof Series from Boreas isn’t going to let something like a shower (or a torrential downpour) stop you from getting out and discovering the world. Consisting of the 25-liter Echo daypack and 35-liter Monterey backpack, these bags throw down a challenge to the elements and will keep your gear dry whether you’re hiking into the unknown or commuting to work.

A new collection from Hard Graft crops up

Hard Graft Field Collection

If you dig the craft of Hard Graft there’s plenty to get excited about with their new Field collection. Blending leather, canvas and wool in a range of relaxed-chic styles, the collection includes items ranging from an iPhone 6 case and cube-shaped tote to a holdall, dopp kit and gym bag. The understated colorways and designs suit a range of environments, so you can plant some new memories in a variety of your own personal fields.

Compact carry that’s ready to glide into your EDC

Hatchdreams Glider Wallet

Slim, compact, lightweight – it’s not hard to see how the Hatchdreams Glider wallet was inspired by the smartphone. Constructed out of polycarbonate, the Glider wallet holds five cards and provides one-handed access to them through an easy-to-use gliding design. The wallet also comes with a cash insert that accommodates notes or a combination of notes and cards. If you fancy adding this pint-sized piece of pocket carry to your collection, the Glider Kickstarter campaign is live now.

Adventure with Alite is afoot

Alite Designs Kincaid Pack, Willow Pack and Hatcher Pack

Three new backpacks have popped up at Alite Designs courtesy of their Alaska Heritage Collection. The Kincaid Pack, the Willow Pack, and the Hatcher Pack are designed to put a modern spin on classic designs and are set for getting out and about in a variety of situations. The Kincaid Pack is a daypack that can hold your gear for a day’s worth of exploring, while the Willow Pack is suitable for more intensive day-long outings and the external frame Hatcher Pack is ready to roll with extended trips over multiple days.

Pocket sleekness for your EDC essentials

Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 6

If you’ve snagged yourself an iPhone 6 it’s worth investing in some pizzazz for your pocket and Mujjo’s new Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 6 is a sleek and sophisticated carry option for your phone plus a few cards. Constructed out of vegetable-tanned leather in a choice of black or tan, the wallet case has a suede-lined interior and a slim profile to avoid adding unnecessary bulge to your pocket. The integrated card pocket is designed to accommodate two to three of your frequently-used cards without sacrificing the case’s slender silhouette.


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.