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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 11 January

Week In Review ~ 11 January

by , January 11, 2015

Tired of your carry contents ending up in a jumble? Fancy kicking tangled cords to the curb? How about a wash bag that breezes through airport security while scrubbing up well in the process? We’ve rounded up some sweet carry creations for our Week In Review spotlight, so come find out who’s putting on a show…

Packing the power on the move

AMPL SmartBackpackIf you get amped over the thought of being able to enjoy freedom of movement without having to worry about running out of juice for your gadgets, the AMPL SmartBackpack will get you excited. The pack lets you charge mobile devices on the go thanks to an integrated charging system. The rubberized bottom of the pack, along with its shock absorption capability and water-resistant exterior means your devices will be protected from bumps and the elements, while a mobile app enables you to monitor gadget battery levels and prioritise charging as required. The pack incorporates 7 USB ports and can accommodate optional additional batteries for enhanced charging capability. Check out the AMPL site for details on the bag’s availability as well as the chance to win one for yourself.

Carry chaos to controlled calm


Postalco Three Pack

If you’ve ever opened your bag to discover your lunch is jamming with your important work files, your phone has wedged itself as far down into the bottom corner as possible and your jacket is smothering everything it can reach, the Postalco Three Pack may be just the lifeline you need while floating in a sea of carry chaos. This backpack features three compartments so you can separate items for convenient access. The main compartment has a laptop section that fits a 15-inch laptop, while a quick-access zipped pouch keeps a phone, keys or wallet within easy reach. Constructed out of Hammer Nylon and leather, the pack can be carried by shoulder straps or a grab handle and is designed to stay close to the body for a sleek silhouette.

A splash of modern practicality from Côte&Ciel

Côte&Ciel Lagoon Spa Pouch

Côte&Ciel’s mix of fresh styling and functionality has been dished up in travel-friendly form courtesy of their new Lagoon Spa Pouch. This neoprene wash bag is available in four colorways and sports a waterproof zipper, interior zipped pocket, as well as a pop-out transparent pouch for easily showing liquids at airport security checkpoints. Plus the detachable hanging strap lets you keep things close to hand even when you’re tight on space.

Keeping the mess out of your music

Shinola Bud Cord Holders

When the beat is coming from your head against the wall in frustration rather than the earbuds that should be delivering tunes hassle-free, it’s time to start thinking about earbud cord organization. Shinola’s Bud Cord Holders are designed to be an elegant, simple solution to cord calamity. Made by hand using quality Horween leather, the earbud cord holders have a magnetic closure and a minimalist look that suits work, travel and leisure environments equally well.

Space styling from Timbuk2

Timbuk2 Especial Medio Cycling Laptop Backpack - StormtrooperThe latest Star Wars film is only getting released at the end of the year – but you can get your fix of space action early thanks to Timbuk2’s new colorway release. The Especial Medio Cycling Laptop Backpack is now available in Stormtrooper, a colorway that’s pretty self-explanatory to anyone who knows their Wookiees from their Ewoks. If those last two terms are drawing a blank however, you’ll likely dig it if your tastes run to paler shades with bold splashes of darker contrasts.


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