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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 9 June

by , June 10, 2012
Week In Review ~ 9 June
Heading for the hills and searching for a backpack that will make your trip as easy as possible? Seeking bags that can cover every aspect of your life as a dad? Always on the look-out for new arrivals in the messenger scene? Keen to see what Carryology’s been getting up to in the quest to make the world a better carrying place? It’s all in this week in review…
Week In Review ~ 9 June
Taking daypacks to new heights
Heading up a mountain soon? Then you may want to check out Mountain Hardwear’s SummitRocket 30L daypack. This lightweight pack uses 100D HT Ripstop Dobby Nylon for the body, and in addition there is the option to remove aspects of the pack if not required so that the weight can be kept to a minimum. There’s lots of nifty loops and clip points to secure climbing gear, as well as a sternum strap, waistbelt, and zip top for quick access to the main compartment. If the name is anything to go by, you should reach that peak in record time.
Week In Review ~ 9 JuneHot picks: Backpack guide for summer

Staying on the theme of backpacks, if the pull of the outdoors has you firmly in its grasp, this handy buyer’s guide to backpacks may be just the sort of advice you’re searching for. Whether you’re planning a day hike, a hell-for-leather charge down the side of a rather steep incline with nothing but two wheels beneath you, or an overnight stay, you might just find your ideal backpack in this guide.

Week In Review ~ 9 June

Spreading the love…

We’d like to send a big shout-out to the Design Files where we’ve been guest-blogging this week, thanks for having us onboard! Get a good dose of carry insight by viewing our posts here.
Week In Review ~ 9 June

Bags For Dads

Is it right to carry nappies in a trail-running bag or is there some sort of unspoken taboo against such sacrilege…either way, being a dad involves incorporating kid carry with every-day carry and sometimes the choices can be a bit bewildering. Is that fluffy sheep on the nappy bag going to make it better or worse than the psychedelic pink flower bag? If you’re feeling a tad out of your depth in terms of finding suitable bags that can cover all aspects of your life, whether it’s dad-on-the-go or man-up-a-mountain, our Bags For Dads post will help you to maintain your manly dignity.
Week In Review ~ 9 June
Stand to attention: The Chrome Lieutenant Rolltop Messenger
Chrome have brought out a new roll-top messenger, the Chrome Lieutenant, kind of like the messenger version of the Chrome Ivan backpack. Maybe it’s just us but we’re spotting some likeness to the Mission Workshop Rummy. What do you guys think? Has anybody used both these bags? Share your views in the comments, we love getting everyone’s perspectives!


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