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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 9 August

Week In Review ~ 9 August

by , August 9, 2015

A lightweight way to keep your devices juiced on the go, the end of annoying key jingling and a chic way to keep your cards in order. Discover more in our Week In Review…

Staying ahead in the style game

Head Porter x Kvadrat x Norse ProjectsWhen Europe’s leading manufacturer of design textiles, a Japanese icon and a stylishly functional Danish brand put their creative heads together, the results are going to be interesting – and the new collaboration between Norse Projects, Head Porter and Danish textile manufacturer Kvadrat doesn’t disappoint. The collaboration features five pieces available in navy and khaki colorways inspired by Porter’s renowned Tanker series. The collection showcases Kvadrat’s Memory textile designed by Patricia Urquiola and includes the Head Porter Rucksack, Laptop 3-Way Bag, 15″ Laptop Case, iPad Air Case and Coin Case. Constructed in Japan and built to last, these attractive pieces look equally good in the office or on the go.

Durable card carry for work and play environments

Postalco All Leather Geology Card Holder

Need to keep business cards crisp and clean? How about somewhere chic and compact to store your bank cards and bills? The Postalco All Leather Geology Card Holder rocks at either task. The card holder utilizes goatskin leather which is shrunk during the tanning process to create a textured surface reminiscent of mountain ranges and river valleys as seen from high up in the atmosphere. Inside the wallet features vegetable-tanned calfskin and is lined with pigskin in the pockets. Made by hand in Japan, the card holder comes in a choice of versatile colorways and keeps things equally classy during business meetings and nights on the town.

Unfolding a new way to have power on the go

YOLK Solar Paper

Being able to keep your devices charged on the go using solar panels is great – but more often than not, they can be bulky and inconvenient to carry. The Solar Paper aims to put the carry power back in your hands, or as the case may be, even in a pocket or notebook. Labeled “the world’s smallest solar charger for the amount of potential wattage it can generate,” the Solar Paper measures 9 x 19 x 1.1 cm when folded and comes in at 120g (4 oz). It’s thin enough to store inside a book in urban environments when not in use, and won’t weigh you down if attached to a backpack in outdoor settings. Available in 5 watt, 7.5 watt and 10 watt charger options, the Solar Paper claims to reliably charge your smartphone in around 2.5 hours during sunny weather. In addition to smartphones, it can be used with most devices that recharge using USB, such as tablets, cameras or flashlights, and can be expanded with folding solar panels that attach via magnets when you need to charge larger items or during cloudy conditions. Check out the Solar Paper Kickstarter campaign for more details.

The key to silent pocket carry


Does the constant jingle of keys jangle your nerves? Well you’re not alone. The clink of keys is an unavoidable daily aggravation for many. Except, it can be avoided thanks to MAGKEY. Rather than fussing around with complicated key holders, the folks behind MAGKEY thought “Hey, why not just use magnets?” And so an elegantly simple solution was created for stopping the key jingle in its tracks. MAGKEY is a straightforward system of adhesive neodymium magnets that stick to keys. Positive and negative magnets are placed on either side of keys, keeping them locked in place when you’re on the go. MAGKEY comes with a key ring but just as easily works with key chains. See it in action via the MAGKEY Kickstarter campaign.


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