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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 7 September

by , September 8, 2013

Week In Review ~ 7 September

We’re hopping to an array of carry segments with this Week In Review, checking out innovations in cycling safety, getting to grips with organization in climbing carry, perusing a simple and efficient dopp kit and scouting out a messenger/tote hybrid…

A bright idea for cycling safety

An interesting design concept that takes the next step from cycling safety clothing to incorporating safety in your carry gear, the SEIL (Safe, Enjoy, Interact, Light) bag is designed to essentially function like a car’s indicators and brake lights but for use while cycling. Rather than using hand signals, a cyclist can use the controller attached to the handlebars of the bike to indicate a left or right turn, with an acceleration sensor to detect when the bike slows down, so that a left, right or stop warning can be displayed on the back of the bag.

Topo takes the triangular approach

Week In Review ~ 7 September

Tired of your dopp kit flopping over every time you try to reach for the contents? The triangular shape of Topo Designs’ Dopp Kit is designed to make this a handy dopp kit for propping on narrow spaces while providing easy access, while the water-resistant lining offers convenient cleaning if required (because there’s nothing quite like the joys of discovering your shampoo or toothpaste has leaked all over your kit).

Messenger meets tote

Week In Review ~ 7 September

We’ve highlighted Modern Industry before but they are now stepping into the world of totes and messenger bags – or rather a combination of the two with the Faraday Totepack. Constructed out of Martexin 10.10 oz waxed army duck and Horween leather, the totepack can be carried as a tote or a messenger and accommodates a 15-inch laptop in either form. There’s an exterior and interior pocket for smaller items, with a white lining in the main section to enhance visibility of the contents.

Scaling new heights with climbing carry

Week In Review ~ 7 September

Trying to get hold of a functional climbing bag that keeps all your gear organized while providing easy access can feel a bit like you’re between a rock and a hard place but Mammut’s Neon Gear 45 climbing pack aims to change that. Access is either via the top of the pack or the back panel, with an interior separated into a main section with pockets, bags and carabiner hanging options to keep climbing gear organized. The pack can either be carried on your bag or in your hand as a duffle.

Putting the pedal to the metal

Week In Review ~ 7 SeptemberWe’ve put our foot on the gas and got not one but two road tests this week of some pretty diverse carry. We give a cool and clinical assessment of the YETI Tundra 50 Cooler and put the Burton F-Stop Pack in the analyzing frame. Check them out to see how they stood up…


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