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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 7 July

by , July 8, 2012

Week In Review ~ 7 July

Welcome, folks, to the week in review. Recommended reading if you want a masculine tote that doesn’t do sand, can’t face packing up your possessions for moving home only to have to unpack and set them up again, dare to laugh in the face of those who think that cameras and torrential downpours are a recipe for disaster, enjoy insights on creative brands, or want to look cooler than an ice cube when taking your iPhone out your pocket…

A Tote For About Town

Week In Review ~ 7 JulyA tote is a tote, right? Well, to a certain extent. Totes are curious creatures in that they are all essentially part of the same family but they sometimes look like long-lost distant cousins who have grown up on opposite sides of the world. You have your simple cloth totes that can be rolled up and shoved in the back of a cupboard, great for stuffing wet and sandy beach towels in. Then you have the stylish and sophisticated totes that wouldn’t be caught near a pair of surf shorts, let alone a soggy beach towel. The Dior Homme DH6 tote is definitely the latter type and features a calfskin leather lining, a treaded rubber sole, as well as tinted leather edges.

Carry Cabinet

Week In Review ~ 7 July

When you hear the phrase “carry furniture”, what do you think of? Hauling massive wardrobes up never-ending flights of stairs? Dropping heavy tables on the feet of the poor, unsuspecting sap who got duped into helping you rearrange your furniture which you declared would be “a simple job that will be done in no time!”? Well think a bit more abstract, as carry furniture extends to…well…furniture that doubles as carry items. This suitcase cabinet by Dutch designer Jolien Hanemaaijer, known as My Infinite Home Tool, is a suitcase that can transport items thanks to elastic bands within the frame but it also doubles as a cabinet that you can place in your home. Just think of the time and hassle this can save you if you’re moving home…

Conquering camera calamities one cascade at a time

Week In Review ~ 7 JulySo you’re Indiana Jones battling through a rainforest (as you do), and there’s no way to travel further unless you pass under a waterfall that will completely drench you as you search for adventure round the next tree vine…or you’re paddling down furious rapids with nothing but mountains towering above you on either side and you capsize…or maybe you’re out at sea, parked on your surfboard and waiting for the sun to rise when a “friend” thinks it’s very funny to swim up from below, grab your leg and yank, making you shriek in what can only be described as an undignified pitch and tip over. You want to capture your surroundings and have your precious, expensive camera gear packed on your back.

With a normal backpack, that waterfall, the turbulent rapids or the idiotic friend who thinks he’s a total riot would signal death to your equipment. Fear not intrepid adventurers, as Lowepro has built the waterproof camera backpack above, appropriately titled the DryZone 200. What happens to your equipment when it’s out the bag is a different matter, but so long as it’s snug inside this pack, water worries are a thing of the past. Now, we just need to get them to update the look, ‘cos that ain’t nearly as pretty as some of their more recent bags (generic 90’s bag-parts-bin with tiger colors doesn’t really do it for us any more…)

Shining The Spotlight: Acronym

Week In Review ~ 7 July

Credit: Acronym via Bag Collector

We’re always keen to spread the love when it comes to innovative, exciting brands and in the spotlight this week is Acronym. You can head on over to the Bag Collector where you’ll find a neat write-up on Acronym. Michaela Sachenbacher and Errolson Hugh founded the brand as a design agency in 1994 and there’s no denying that Acronym offers some pretty sweet bags in addition to their apparel gear.

Music To Your Ears

Week In Review ~ 7 July

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace but there’s just some sort of old school awesomeness about vinyl. This creation from WrecordsByMonkey is a harmonious melding of old and new to produce the iPhono-case, an iPhone case made from reclaimed vinyl records. As iPhone protection goes, this is pretty darn cool.


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