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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 5 October

by , October 6, 2013

Week In Review ~ 5 October

Looking for tough and functional bags incorporating recycled materials, a running pack with solid construction that will go the distance as you put it through its paces, or a versatile camera backpack for when your camera decides that a breath of fresh air away from the city is in order? Welcome to the Week In Review…

Colombian craft

Week In Review ~ 5 October

Mixing a variety of international flavors into some tasteful-looking pieces, the new range from Crafted Goods is looking…well, crafted and good. Designed in Switzerland and Japan and made in Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, each of the pieces integrate recycled tyre tubes from Cyclus Manufactura for waterproof bases as well as zip pulls. Carry options include backpacks, messengers, waist bags and duffels, with aesthetics that are sleek enough to cycle between work and leisure use.

Light and bright

Week In Review ~ 5 October

Klättermusen rocks packs for rocks and hills and valleys and pretty much any outdoor adventuring you can think of. Adding to the awesomeness is their focus on using recycled materials to keep the manufacturing impact as minimal as possible, with a view to making hardwearing bags that will last for many years. One such bag is the Ägir Lightweight Pack which – you guessed it – is pretty lightweight indeed at 800 grams while remaining rugged enough to handle a diverse range of outdoor pursuits. The pack accommodates an internal hydration system, offers a variety of pockets and webbing and has a removable hip belt which can be moved up or down to adjust to different torso lengths. Plus the bright color and included reflector and whistle will help draw attention if edging along the perilously narrow footpath with a stomach-flipping drop beneath was a much better idea in your head than in reality.

Sure-footed design from Salomon

Week In Review ~ 5 October

Walking just not cutting it? Need the thrill of speed powered by the ultimate versatile machine that can hit the tarmac just as easily as offroad trails? We’re not talking bikes or cars, we’re talking the human body. Salomon is all for running with this idea, offering a range of minimalist carry for long-distance running such as the S-Lab Advanced Skin Hydro 12 pack. The pack is designed to conform to the body without buckles or straps that could dig in uncomfortably while you run, so the only bouncing you need to worry about is the spring in your step as you embrace the burn. The pack comes in at 320 grams and has two front-access flasks, while reflective elements, a whistle and a safety blanket are also included.

Clever camera carry

Everything just sounds better with the word ‘adventure’ before it. Clik Elite brand themselves as makers of adventure photography bags but the handy features and versatility of their Venture 35 pack actually does make this pack a contender if you’re in the market for snapping up a backpack that can handle your photography needs as well as everything you need for a day out into remote places. A picture is worth a thousand words but the video above is even better.

Trusty EDC tools

Week In Review ~ 5 October

So at first glance you may wonder why we have a post about pocket knives as it’s not the normal sort of thing we cover. However, rather than viewing them as weapons, pocket knives are actually very functional and convenient everyday carry items that can be utilised for a multitude of purposes. Now we’re not a knife blog and the aim of this post isn’t to provide an all-encompassing view of pocket knifes (you’d need far more than a couple of posts to do that subject justice). Instead it aims to serve as the first part of an introduction to these handy tools, a starting point from which you can venture into your own discovery of these EDC items that are just as diverse as bags. Plus we’ve been getting some excellent comments so make sure to check those out too and of course contribute to the discussions if you have thoughts or insights to share.


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