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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 30 August

Week In Review ~ 30 August

by , August 30, 2015

A tale of carry with a twist, quick access to contents without having to remove your pack, plus a lighter focus for KILLSPENCER. Discover more in our Week In Review…

Professional EDC with a spontaneous secret

gnome and bow

Through the distinctive marks picked up along its journeys, carry tells a story of where it’s been and how often it’s used. Gnome & Bow however take this a step further. Their pieces are inspired by actual stories, and design details built into the pieces emphasize this connection. Their second bag collection launches on 4 September, entitled Book II: Jekyll’s Hyde. Offering an intriguing and modernized take on Robert Louis Stevenson’s renowned tale, the pieces embrace exploring notions of duality and acceptance, expressing a contrast between our rational, reserved sides and our wilder, spontaneous sides. The bags are reversible, presenting a professional nylon aesthetic on one side and a custom printed cotton canvas on the other. The collection includes a briefcase, crossbody clutch, messenger and backpack, as well as a range of wallets available now including the Regent billfold, Brighton card wallet and Leicester coin case.

Putting access front and center

Paxis Mt Pickett 20 backpack

Backpacks are the hard-working haulers of the carry world, but the comfort and functionality associated with packs comes with a price. More often than not packs don’t provide quick access to gear, so you either have to remove them completely or sling them off one shoulder before you can get to the contents. The Mt. Pickett backpacks from Paxis handle carry loads differently, so you don’t have to sacrifice easy and fast access. A shuttle pod release handle allows the base of the pack (or shuttle pod) to unlock from the rest of the pack. Then you simply reach behind you and swing the shuttle pod round to the front, thanks to Paxis’ ARC swing technology. When you want to return the shuttle pod to its original position, you simply swing it behind you and push it back into place. In addition to the shuttle pod, the packs include a range of other useful features such as waterproof zippers, interior and exterior pockets and a choice of sizes. See the packs in action here.

Take a load off during your urban outings


KILLSPENCER are a brand that have chic city-friendly carry down to a fine art, with stylish leather pieces that turn heads at every corner…but all that quality leather comes in a little weighty at times. The new MADE BY KILLSPENCER® collection offers the careful craftsmanship and stylish detailing that KILLSPENCER are known for, but features lighter materials and pared-down accents. Carry items in the collection include the Rucksack, the Mil Duffle, the Day Tote and the Laptop Sleeve, all constructed out of water-repellent army duck canvas available in stone grey, olive drab and black colorways. Bullhide leather trim, mil-spec Berry Amendment Compliant webbing and mil-spec hardware round out the durable details of these handmade pieces.

Tough protection for expensive tech

Urban Armor Gear

Technology gadgets are some of the most expensive EDC around – and unfortunately, fairly fragile too. So it’s only right that you want to protect your investments, but how do you go about doing that? Urban Armor Gear have designed a range of protective cases that put themselves on the line for your technology, protecting it against scrapes, drops, bumps and even high speed impact. UAG creates cases for products including tablets and smartphones across multiple brands such as Samsung, Apple, HTC and Microsoft. The cases are designed to be lightweight while still offering rugged protection thanks to design components such as screen protectors, tough outer shells with skid pads and impact-resistant soft cores. Each UAG product even has a military grade certification for shock protection thanks to conquering demanding laboratory drop testing. A comforting thought the next time your phone dive-bombs the pavement.

Diving into the action wherever it presents itself

HEX x Roark Revival

Forget extricating yourself from tricky situations…the new HEX x Roark Revival capsule encourages you to get into – and relish – tough environments and gruelling conditions. HEX in collaboration with Roark Revival have created an adventure and travel capsule featuring the Smuggler 41-liter duffel, the Mule 30-liter backpack and the Runner 17-liter daypack. With construction details such as water-resistant coated canvas and antique brass hardware, the bags are built not only to work hard, but look good doing so. The pieces are designed to withstand demanding use, from outdoor treks to frequent plane-hopping, while also offering dedicated protection for tech gadgets that come along for the ride.


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