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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 29 September

by , October 1, 2012

We have a definite backpack and messenger theme with this Week In Review where we highlight some awesome new creations. So without further ado, lets dive in and check out the wickedness…

A sweet pack with some serious bite

Honey badgers are tough, so the SlingFin Honey Badger Backpack is aptly named – after all, the durability testing involved dropping the pack out a high-flying plane, dragging it behind a car and plunging down a river with it. Besides being highly durable, the pack is lightweight and water-resistant with an inner waterproof bag. Plus the bag is customizable and can carry everything from skateboards to dogs. The Honey Badger backpack is a Kickstarter project so if you fancy a pack for yourself, check the project video out and spread the word.

East meets West

What do tattooing and making high-quality bags have in common – they are both forms of art. Both require patience, attention to detail and the desire to create something beautiful that will last for years to come. So wouldn’t it be great to combine these two art forms somehow? Well Chrome have done just that with their Chrome Tokyo series. The series features a Citizen messenger and Yalta rolltop with design detail by master Japanese tattooist Horitoshi1, providing a fantastic blend of style and functionality.

Freewheeling fashion

A bag that suits cyclists and fashionistas alike – does such a creature exist? Well, yes, actually. The Brooks Piccadilly Knapsack is sleek and streamlined which is useful for cyclists but its chic style also makes it appealing to the fashion-conscious. The knapsack is made out of vegetable-tanned leather and has canvas straps with a removable inner pocket that is handy for small items. There’s a choice of colours available, including black, mustard, mandarin and olive green.

Shining the spotlight: Mustache & Mohawk

So you want a well-made bag that can carry all your EDC whilst being durable and affordable, so you can avoid going on a starver in order to buy said bag. Plus some style wouldn’t hurt. Well new brand Mustache and Mohawk may have just what you need – there’s a messenger and rolltop available in a wide range of colours and a choice of three sizes, starting from $100. Definitely worth checking out.

The myth, the legend, the master

Okay so we don’t know if there’s any myths about Dana Gleason but he’s definitely a legend and a master at making amazing bags and guess what? We just happen to have an interview with him. Oh, yes, folks, that’s right, the awesomeness is here.


Carryology delivered. Your inbox. every two weeks. Only the best stuff, we promise.