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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 29 March

Week In Review ~ 29 March

by , March 29, 2015

Power for your devices wherever you go, cabin luggage that just got more convenient, plus a way to keep your suit chic on the bike commute. Discover more in our Week In Review…

Stay connected in the city – and beyond

Timberland City Premium 27-Liter Backpack with Joey™ Power Charger

Ever missed an important phone call, couldn’t access files and documents on your tablet or missed your favorite tunes because of a flat gadget battery? Maybe you’ve even been in more serious situations, stranded with a flat tire or lost outdoors and no way to call for assistance. Timberland’s water-resistant City Premium 27-Liter Backpack brings a sense of security to your daily carry thanks to its integrated Joey™ T55 battery pack which lets you charge USB and micro SD devices while you’re on the go – be it on the way to work, while waiting for your flight or up a tree because the local wildlife are getting just a bit too curious.

A bike pannier to suit working professionals

Two Wheel Gear Classic 2.0 Garment Pannier

Getting yourself to work by bike is great. Getting your suit or work clothes there by bike…not so great, unless you favor the “crumpled chic” look. Two Wheel Gear’s Classic 2.0 Garment Pannier aims to change this, letting you carry like a boss with its garment-bag-meets-pannier design. In addition to storing items of clothing, the bag also has space for keeping small items organized and a padded pocket for a 15-inch laptop. So whether you use it for the daily bike commute or as a travel bag, you’ll be keeping things stylish when you hit your destination.

More than just a USB cable


Find yourself always juggling which devices you can have plugged into your laptop at any one time? If you’re tired of playing musical chairs with your gadgets, then the InfiniteUSB is one to check out. InfiniteUSB works as an open chain of USB ports, so from a single USB port in your laptop you can have as many InfiniteUSBs plugged in as you want. A built-in magnet that connects the ends of the InfiniteUSB also makes it easy to store when not in use, rather than having to wrangle a messy cable. The InfiniteUSB Kickstarter campaign has smashed its funding goal but there’s lots of time left to get connected with your own InfiniteUSB.

Easy travels with convenient cabin luggage

Nendo for Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano Kame Upright 55

Wherever possible, cabin luggage should try to maximize easy access to the contents – particularly when more often than not you’re operating in a limited amount of space. However, a lot of luggage is tricky to open in tight spaces without accidentally elbowing a fellow passenger or messing up the contents as you rummage blindly around in the bag. On the other hand, you could opt for the Kame Upright 55 wheeled cabin bag which makes life a lot easier. Designed by Japanese design studio Nendo for Italian bag brand Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano, the bag features a durable polycarbonate body and a fabric lid that can be rolled as you open it – handy for getting to your gear in restricted spaces such as overhead luggage bins or plane aisles. The lid can also be unzipped from both the top and the side, so there’s no need to open it completely and expose all the contents or increase the risk of items falling out when the case is upright.


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