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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 29 June

by , June 30, 2013

Week In Review ~ 29 June

We’ve got a bit of a design focus with this Week In Review. Some creative camera suspension and custom capacity, a tutorial if you’re keen to try your hand at a bit of DIY carry, plus some chic protection for your tech gadgets thrown into the mix…

Irish charm

Week In Review ~ 29 June

If you carry a lot of tech daily, you’re going to want protection for it. Chances are you’re going to need that protection to look smart enough for the business world if you’re regularly using your gadgets for work. Well a little bit of Irish charm might be just what you’re after. Cocones is a Dublin-based brand with a range of chic-looking iPhone, iPad and MacBook sleeves made out of Merino wool felt and leather that wouldn’t look out of place in the boardroom but which can adapt to downtime at your favorite outdoor cafe as well.

Three bags in one

Week In Review ~ 29 June

Bags can be tricky things. Sometimes they’re just the right size for your needs but at other times they’re either overkill or too small. So what do you do? Carry a large bag all the time so you’re prepared for any situation? This isn’t always desirable or practical. Well the Shirrley custom-capacity bag by designer Yuree S. Hwang may be a step in the right direction if you have ever-changing carry needs. Now this bag certainly isn’t going to be the last bag you ever need. It’s not made of the sturdiest materials and it won’t cover all your carry needs but it’s certainly an interesting concept with development potential.

Snappy suspension

Week In Review ~ 29 June

Staying with interesting designs, this Case Logic SLR Camera/Laptop backpack is sporting an innovative patent-pending suspension system designed like a mini hammock to support and protect a camera against impacts. We don’t know how effective this is but if anyone’s had experience with it you can let us know in the comments.

Getting caught up in webbing

If you’re itching to do a carry hack but don’t have a lot of cash to splash and are not sure where to start, getting to grips with hardware and materials is usually a good entry point. Core77 has put together an informative tutorial on DIY webbing, part 1 of which is above. You can also visit the tutorial page to find a list of the materials used. If anybody follows the tutorials and wants to share their results, let us know how you get on.

Taking the Isar Rucksack for a spin

Week In Review ~ 29 June

Torn over whether or not to get the Côte&Ciel Isar Rucksack? Well hopefully our road test will help you with your decision-making. As usual with our road tests, we threw it in the deep end and you can see whether it sunk like a stone or survived in style here.


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