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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 28 July

by , July 29, 2012

Week In Review ~ 28 July

Welcome, folks, to the week in review. This week we’ve got a cool collaboration, a laptop bag that makes airport security checks a breeze, a weekender you can pack as flat as a tote, a wallet that oozes style, not to mention a great road test. So sit back, chill and get a good dose of your carry fix right here…

Collapsing Preconceived Notions of Design

Week In Review ~ 28 July

The Collapse 4 is the type of bag you look at and think ‘Well that’s just clever…’ Stemming from the creative mind of designer Ferry Meewisse, the bag is made of dark brown, durable leather so you’ll be able to enjoy this weekender for years to come. The bag features a specific pattern for the seams in order to facilitate the process of collapsing the bag from its weekender form to a flat pack form. The shoulder strap is adjustable and detachable and there are two inner pockets. The dimensions of the bag are 55 cm by 35 cm by 22 cm.

Crafty Collab: Uncrate x Topo Designs Light Daypack

Week In Review ~ 28 July

Topo Designs and Uncrate have been busy. Busy doing what, you may ask. Only creating the ninja brother of Topo Designs’ lightweight daypack. The pack features a sleek, black exterior that’s perfect for stealthing around in the bushes (as you do). Open the pack however, and wham! Your senses are assailed by an orange interior that makes it easy to find those objects that pride themselves on becoming invisible in the dark recesses of backpacks. There is an interior zipped pocket which is handy for things such as phones, pens, media players, etc. There’s also an interior sleeve that can hold a 15-inch laptop. In addition to the bag, you also get a folding rescue knife that can clip on the bag, a key chain, your belt loop and so forth. Maybe you won’t find yourself in any rescue-requiring situations…but hey why bite into an apple when you can cut slices, leaning nonchalantly and looking cooler than cool.

A Wallet With Wow

Week In Review ~ 28 July

Acne’s Amber Geo wallet has it all: stylish looks, a color choice of black or taupe, card slots, a section for bills and a zipped pocket for coins, all within a compact zipped form. The wallet is made of leather and features a heat-stamped design. All in all, an aesthetically pleasing and practical way to store your cash and cards. Job done.

Review: Gregory Border Laptop Daypack

Week In Review ~ 28 JulyCarrying your laptop on trips can be a real schlep, especially if you’re a frequent flyer. It’s bad enough that you know you’re going to set off the alarm as you walk through the security gate, even though you don’t have anything metallic on you (you don’t know how you do it; it’s just a natural talent). But in addition to this you need to haul your laptop out your bag for it to be scanned properly, sending reading material, a hoodie and bottles of liquid cascading to the floor in your efforts not to hold the queue up any longer than necessary. Wouldn’t you like a pack that’s TSA-compatible so you can avoid the laptop hassle at least? If so, check out this review on the Gregory Border 18L laptop daypack. The bonus? This pack is good for day-to-day living as well.

Road Test: Boreas Bolinas

Week In Review ~ 28 July

If you haven’t checked it out already, we invite you to peruse our very thorough road test review of the Boreas Bolinas pack. The pros, the cons, loads of info in between plus photos aplenty – good times.


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