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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 27 July

by , July 28, 2013

 Week In Review ~ 27 July

We’re biking, backpacking and scanning new carry in this Week In Review, with offerings from Chrome and Filson, an adventuring pack from REI, work-worthy style from Steve Mono and a simple, functional and cool mounting accessory that could change your smartphone/bike relationship for the better…

Chrome’s hip offering

Week In Review ~ 27 July

Chrome have created a utility belt. Not the Batman variety but rather a sling/hip belt hybrid. The Chekhov utility belt is designed for wearing around your waist or across your chest. The inspiration for this bag stems from WWII utility belts. Featuring a welded-waterproof 600 denier truck tarpaulin liner, the Chekhov has two waterproof compartments that allow you to keep wet and dry items separate. There’s an external pocket for small items like a phone and the rolltop opening enables different load volumes to be carried depending on your needs.

Taking bike carry up a gear

Want to utilize the capabilities of your smartphone while cycling? Perhaps follow a map, record a video or use the light on your phone without having to perform impressive acrobatics that ensure you don’t go veering off to the side while fiddling with your phone? Well you can get a mounting accessory for attaching your phone to your bike but perhaps that accessory only works with a specific type of phone or it’s bulky or it’s a hassle to attach and take off or it just doesn’t stand up to jarring cycling conditions and you look on in dismay as your phone gets flung to the ground. How about an elegant solution that firmly holds any type of phone, as well as other slim objects such as torches, and is easy to attach and remove? The Handleband aims to do this and more (serving as a bottle opener too) and has already successfully been funded through Kickstarter. Check out the video above for more info.

Seasoned brand gets ready for Fall/Winter

Week In Review ~ 27 July

Filson fans take note, their Fall/Winter 2013 collection of carry pieces is now available to peruse to your heart’s content (and your wallet’s complaining that you can’t have them all). Filson have played around with textiles, combining their Rugged Twill and Tin Cloth textiles on some items, with new styles popping up as well. Find out more at Filson.

Classy carry to covet

Week In Review ~ 27 July

Steve Mono’s Paul Backpack is a handsome piece with sophisticated looks for the office and chic style for your downtime pursuits. Constructed out of leather and cotton canvas with brass hardware, the discreet side poppers allow the volume to be increased as needed and there are two slip pockets enabling some internal organization. If you take a shine to this pack, you may have a hard time tracking it down judging by the lack of availability online. However, you might have some luck checking out Steve Mono’s stockists online or within their stores.

Going on an adventure with REI

Week In Review ~ 27 July

REI’s Vagabond Tour 40 Travel Pack offers some simple carry conversion functionality that allows this pack to be transformed from a backpack to a duffle through the use of the raincover. The front-access opening provides easy access to the main compartment, while the side, top and bottom pockets provide storage for smaller items. The pack is designed to meet most carry-on size restrictions, though there is the option to put it in duffle form for checked luggage if preferred. Of course, this pack does just as well adventuring on your local doorstep.


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