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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 26 May

by , May 27, 2012

Week In Review ~ 26 MayFeaturing apple carry (no, not that Apple), Apple carry (no, not that apple), a highly merit-worthy reason to go away for the weekend, a versatile tote and a way to reduce a bulging butt faster than any diet or treadmill known to man…welcome to the week in review.

Week In Review ~ 26 May

Hitting the highway

If you’re lucky enough to be heading off somewhere exciting that requires a weekender (or alternately you want a weekender so you have an excuse to test it by going somewhere exciting), check out our road test for the Crumpler Spring Peeper.

Week In Review ~ 26 MayCool collaboration

Textile/graphic design label nowartt has teamed up (for the second time) with bag maker master-piece to produce the Two-Way Tote bag. The tote is made in Japan and there are four textile designs to choose from. The tote can be carried in the normal tote-carrying manner using the bag’s handle. Alternately it can be slung over your shoulder by means of the padded strap. The thick exterior print canvas, hardwearing nylon interior and chlorofibre lining make the tote a protective means of carrying around your prized possessions. The tote has a PVC base, adjustable clips and weatherproof zippers. In addition there is a handy phone pouch on the shoulder strap to allow for quick, easy access instead of groping around in the bottom of the bag where phones have a preternatural ability to find the most inconvenient places to hide.

Week In Review ~ 26 May

Shining the spotlight on: Trunk & Orderly

Trunk & Orderly provide old school (quite literally in the form of their lunch boxes), hand-crafted awesomeness. Their range includes standard cases from lunch boxes to weekenders to camera cases, as well as storage boxes and custom cases. The folks at The Design Files have created a neat write-up on Trunk & Orderly, so check it out because hey, if anything deserves to be carried in style, it’s the good old honest, nourishing sandwich. After all, you want something that looks remotely sandwich-shaped rather than a squashed pancake at the bottom of your bag next to your gym socks…

Week In Review ~ 26 MayFabulous French style

There are some things in life that you just look at and think “Nice!/Yes!/I’ll sell a body organ for that!” This beautiful vegetable-tanned leather iPad case stems from a collaboration between bag maker Bleu de Chauffe and Parisian boutique FrenchTrotters. You can purchase the case for 175 Euros (around $220). Sure it’s not necessarily cheap, and no it probably doesn’t merit a medical operation, but there’s no denying it looks classy.

Week In Review ~ 26 May

How traveling should be done

Core77 have produced a write-up on the Bellroy travel wallet (lots of good vibes mentally winging their way to Core77). There are two very simple reasons you should read this post, along with our travel wallet guide. Firstly, your travel wallet shouldn’t be large enough to merit its own plane/train/bus seat. Secondly, sorting out a travel wallet means you won’t miss your plane whilst scrounging around in your bag, on your person or glaring suspiciously at that nearby unsuspecting toddler (curiosity and sticky fingers – all the makings of a ticket thief), all because you’ve lost your ticket.


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