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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 26 January

by , January 26, 2013
Week In Review ~ 26 January
What a mixed bag we have for you this week! Serious carry candy, a major outdoor retailer tradeshow and some chic key carry are all vying for the spotlight in this Week In Review…
Sneak Peak: Outdoor Retailer
Week In Review ~ 26 January
Outdoor Retailer is a tradeshow event that takes place twice a year. As the name suggests, the tradeshow features brands that provide a range of outdoor products, from hiking gear and rescue equipment to outdoor apparel for people and pets. The range is pretty diverse but you can bet there will be some great carry products on offer, such as the ones in this sneak peak preview of what’s to come.
Cutting edge fashion
Week In Review ~ 26 January
What do you get the carry fan who has everything? The FACETASM Chainsaw Bag. Yes, indeed. This bag is real and available to purchase now for a mere ¥178,500 JPY (that’s roughly $2,249 USD – hopefully you weren’t holding a chainsaw when you read that, as you probably would have dropped it in shock). FACETASM is a Japanese fashion brand and this bag featured in their 2012 Spring/Summer collection. Does this bag merit the price tag? Well it’s constructed out of first-rate leather and probably made to exacting standards (for the cost, you’d hope so at least) but it pretty much comes down to how much value you place on this piece as a quirky fashion statement because the chances are you’re not going to have a handy chainsaw to carry in it. So in summary, is it expensive? Definitely. Is it impractical for your everyday needs? That’s likely. Regardless of the impracticality and cost, does a secret part of you still want it? Yeah, probably.
Key carry for EDC use
Week In Review ~ 26 January
If you’re looking for something a bit more functional that can accommodate your EDC, the Gorm Key Holder may be your kind of carry. The key holder is made from vegetabled tanned leather that enfolds the keys to isolate them from other items in your pocker or bag that they might otherwise scratch. It’s available in red, black or blue and can be purchased via Studio Gorm’s website for $22.
Wine in a bag
Week In Review ~ 26 January

Bridging the gap between lxurious fashion carry like FACETASM’s Chainsaw Bag and the world of EDC is the Envoyage Taschen Weekender. Designed by Claudia Eicke for the modern woman, this bag carries your everyday essentials but also features a special compartment at the base which can hold a bottle of wine. The bag incorporates top-quality Swiss workmanship and is constructed out of natural grain French goatskin. It’s safe to say this definitely beats carrying wine in a plastic shopping bag but you’ll be paying for the privilege – the bag costs CHF 1298 (approximately $1400).

What’s it all about?

Week In Review ~ 26 January

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