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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 26 February

Week In Review ~ 26 February

by , February 26, 2017

Low-key Swiss versatility, slim carry for tech essentials, and easy access to emergency supplies. Discover more in our Week In Review…

Military efficiency for everyday use

Mystery Ranch Rip Ruck

Creating innovation in a particular design sphere is great. Utilizing that innovation across multiple design spheres? Even better. The Mystery Ranch Rip Ruck is a fine example of this. Set to conquer a range of urban environments, the 22L pack takes design cues from organization and access features that Mystery Ranch initially developed for military use. A rip-zip opening for the top and front pockets allows quick access to EDC essentials, while the padded laptop sleeve offers additional space for a tablet or documents. The pack is constructed with 500D Cordura and water-resistant YKK zippers, and is set for release in Fall 2017.

A professional approach to carrying less

Booq Superslim

Professionals on the move don’t always need to carry a lot, so why carry a big bag? Slim and stylish, the new Booq Superslim laptop bag is a sleek solution for carrying the essentials. Available in Superslim 13 and Superslim 15 options, the bag stores a laptop, tablet and accessories or small EDC items. The bag provides a choice of compartments for keeping items organized and easily accessible, as well as a padded lip within the laptop compartment to protect tech from the zipper. The Superslim can be carried by hand or over the shoulder with the removable shoulder strap, and comes with a 5-year warranty and Terralinq serial number to help recover the bag if lost.

Traveling in vintage style

HEX x Alyasha Owerka-Moore

When it comes to vintage inspiration for modern travel, HEX are on track with their new collaboration. Teaming up with streetwear legend Alyasha Owerka-Moore, they have released a two-piece capsule inspired by Owerka-Moore’s love of vintage train cases. The capsule includes the HEX x Alyasha Owerka-Moore Travel Backpack and Travel Duffel. Both pieces are constructed with modern textiles that provide the similar aesthetics and feel of vintage tweed fabrics used for vintage suitcases. Solid on the style front, the bags remain functional too with useful interior organization and multiple carry points.

The simple pleasures of multifunctional EDC 

QWSTION Simple Holdall and Simple Zipshopper

Practical, versatile, simple, and stylish. Key traits in QWSTION’s designs that have helped the Swiss brand foster a reputation for functional, understated and elegant carry. Bolstering that reputation are two new additions to the QWSTION family, both available in Washed Black and Organic Blend Raw colorways. The Simple Holdall and Simple Zipshopper feature multiple carry options, straightforward zip closures, and a choice of pockets to store smaller items. The 19L Simple Zipshopper is a versatile bag for everyday use, while the Simple Holdall works well for day-to-day and travel needs. 

A helping hand for first aid 


In an emergency you need to be able to access first aid supplies easily and quickly. The thoughtful design of the Meddsy kit not only offers efficient organization for supplies, but a range of additional features too. The core of the kit illuminates the interior for easy visibility of the contents, and can be detached to serve as a torch. The core also features an inbuilt power bank for charging devices or jump starting a car. The kit includes a number of sections and compartments for organizing different items, stored within a waterproof case. Available with or without first aid medicines, the kit includes useful emergency information and a lightweight pouch when you just want to carry essential items. Check out the Meddsy Kickstarter campaign for further details.


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