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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 25 October

Week In Review ~ 25 October

by , October 25, 2015

Tactical-inspired organization in a city-sleek design, winter packs that can’t wait to hit the slopes, plus a pack that’s ready to carry its own weight (and then some) in demanding active environments. Learn more in our Week In Review…

Solid Gray goes black

Solid Gray backpack

If your backpack leaves you feeling a little uninspired, perhaps it’s time to shake things up. The new Solid Gray backpack in matte black is more than happy to oblige. Its eye-catching silhouette is a sure-fire way to inject a dose of different into your daily carry routine, but there’s substance to go with the style. Crafted from polypropene block copolymer, the backpack is light in weight without sacrificing durability. You can also tweak it to your own style preferences with the Switch System which allows the user to easily change the shoulder straps that come in different colors. Plus there’s a concealable top carry handle for added portability. The pack features two interior storage compartments for small items, as well as adjustable straps to secure a laptop or tablet.

Boosted gear portability within your grasp

Gear Gripz

Dropping your expensive smartphone, camera, or laptop and hearing the heartbreaking – and literal breaking – sound of their demise is enough to make anyone lose their cool. Luckily, there’s a simple solution that can help you get a grip and avoid future gear catastrophes. Straightforward to use, Gear Gripz is a textured rubber grip that can be customized to suit a range of items. The adhesive backing allows Gear Gripz to be applied to all sorts of surfaces without damaging items, boosting your grip without significantly increasing the items’ profiles. Use it on tools, for instance flashlights and knives, containers such as mugs and jars, and tech devices such as cameras, smartphones and tablets. It’s available in a choice of patterns as well as plain sheets that enable you to cut out your own design. Check out the Gear Gripz Kickstarter campaign for more details.

Ready to ruck and roll


GORUCK Challenges are on par with GORUCK packs in terms of renown and popularity. So a GORUCK pack tailor-made for GORUCK Challenges was inevitable. Meet the GORUCK Rucker, a rock-solid daypack that is designed to accommodate Ruck Plates and hydration bladders. The pack comes in 20L and 25L versions and is ready to get stuck in whether you’re rucking, participating in a GORUCK Challenge – or just want a tough daypack that will keep going, wherever you’re going.

Staying safe on the slopes

Mammut Nirvana Flip 18 and Ride Short Protection Airbag

Planning on soaking up some snow adventures this winter? Having a reliable partner along for the ride can make all the difference to the fun and safety of your excursions. Mammut have released two new packs that are eager to roam in the winter wild. The Ride Short Protection Airbag is an airbag pack aimed specifically at women (though it also suits smaller men). In addition to accommodating your board or skis and safety equipment, the pack features Mammut’s Protection Airbag System which helps protect against head and neck injuries in the event of an avalanche. The Nirvana Flip 18 is a compact freeride backpack that offers snowboard and diagonal ski carry. The main compartment is accessed via the back panel, while a front pocket provides storage for avalanche safety gear. The pack also fits a hydration bladder so you can stay easily hydrated on the slopes.

A camera strap that zooms in on multipurpose carry

HoldFast Sightseer Sling Strap

Having a trusty camera strap to keep your camera by your side is great – but the HoldFast Sightseer Sling Strap goes a step further. With the addition of lens pouches, a phone pouch or other Sightseer pouches (available separately) attached to the strap, you can keep important and frequently used items within easy reach. The strap features an attractive and hard-wearing combination of waxed canvas and American Bison leather that looks stylish whether you’re snapping in work or downtime settings.

Stealthy organization in urban-friendly camouflage

Tessel Special Ops Backpack

Tactical backpacks often have no shortage of attachment points, making it easy to customize your carry setup. The problem is often that they look a little too…well, tactical to really suit a variety of urban environments. Taking inspiration from MOLLE backpacks, Tessel created the Special Ops Backpack – but rather than external attachment points, the pack incorporates an internal grid that accommodates your personal gear setup the way you want it. This lets you keep your gear organized while offering a sleek and understated exterior that suits work, travel and leisure environments alike. The bag is constructed using 840D ballistic Cordura nylon and YKK AquaGuard zippers for protection against the elements, and comes with a MOLLE compartment. Delve into the Tessel Special Ops Backpack Kickstarter campaign to learn more.


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