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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 23 March

by , March 23, 2014

It’s exciting when brands come up with awesome innovation and/or step into new territory and there’s plenty to get excited about in this Week In Review, so enjoy a little downtime as you discover what some clever folks in carry have been getting up to…

A smart new system for smartphone carry

At some point you’ve probably experienced the sense of unavoidable doom followed by the wince of pain as your smartphone slips out your hand and hurtles downwards, landing with an ominous clunk on the ground. CELLTACK aims to avoid this situation altogether through their wearable smartphone docking system. Rather than melding man and machine Iron Man style, this system is far more understated – a simple ring around your finger and a neodymium magnet cleat attached to your phone. CELLTACK makes it easier to use the phone while in your hand and can be utilised to attach your phone to a variety of surfaces depending on your needs. In addition to the ring, other mounting options include a bike mount and an armband. If your curiosity is piqued, the creators of CELLTACK have launched a crowdfunding campaign where you can find out more.

Sleek styling for work or play

Crowdfunding campaigns don’t just provide financial benefits. They can also be a great source of ideas and suggestions stemming from people who back them. Sometimes it’s not always possible to take advantage of these ideas but Cravar are in the fortunate position of being able to do just that. Following on from the success of their first Kickstarter campaign to provide bags and journals personalized with backers’ initials, Cravar have launched a new Kickstarter campaign that takes into consideration feedback and ideas provided by their backers, as well as applying the experience they gathered from their initial campaign. The offerings include the likes of a leather briefcase, messengers and shoulder bags for tech carry, with design aesthetics that suit work or leisure use.

Getting a grasp on man clutches

Clutches are strictly within the sphere of women-only carry, right? Well, not exactly. Designed for men who need something bigger than their pockets but smaller than a bag, the Mlutch Classic is Moreca’s take on the man clutch. Available in a mini version too, the Mlutch can be used for a variety of work and travel carry, from holding your phone and tablet to a passport, notepad, pen or anything else you may need to keep close at hand. Of course, there’s no reason the ladies can’t use it either…

Kifaru’s zippy entry into EDC

In our carry conversation with Kifaru there was mention of possibly adding an urban line in the future. Well, the future is now as Kifaru have launched their first offering to the urban and EDC market. Taking inspiration from the Kifaru Zippy but toning down the military aesthetics, the Urban Zippy includes exterior water bottle pockets that aren’t present on the Zippy and doesn’t have the PALS webbing that is visible on its tactical counterpart. You could argue that the pack hasn’t completely lost its military vibe but it comes in a range of colors so choosing one of the more understated options will give the pack more of a low-key feel.

Setting the wheels in motion for easier bike carry

Bikes just aren’t built for beer, at least not in crate form. This realization was cemented through an unfortunate cycling-and-beer-crate-holding incident – but luckily the silver lining was the development of the Klik. Beer was harmed before the making of this product but the sacrifice was not in vain, as the creators were inspired to develop an adapter that connects to the majority of rear bike racks and can hold a range of accessories including a carry crate as well as bags and even a child seat (the seat is dependent upon sufficient funding for safety certification testing). For more details you can check out the Kickstarter campaign here.


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