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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 23 February

by , February 24, 2013
Week In Review ~ 23 February
Welcome to the weekend and our Week In Review. We’re taking a look at what goes on behind the scenes at Horween, creative wood carry and a new offering from Gravis. Plus for photographers we’re highlighting some camera straps that will have the focus on you…
Departing from the ordinary
Week In Review ~ 23 FebruaryWe’ve highlighted Haydanhuya previously, specifically their wooden wallets, but there’s a new offering in the form of the Oak Bag (which is pretty handy for carrying those wallets). The bag is made from a single piece of oak combined with vegetable-tanned leather and is available in a small and large version. The bags are compact but there’s enough space to carry your small EDC items (phone, wallet, keys, etc.). Is it the most practical bag out there? No, but then it’s not trying to be. However there’s no denying it’s eye-catching with a good dose of fun.
Gravis goes 2.0
Week In Review ~ 23 February
Gravis is not far off becoming an Asian-only brand (Fall 2013) but for now you can still pick up a Gravis bag outside of Asia. One such bag that might take your fancy is the Metro 2, which offers a few updates on the original, including a larger volume, new colorways and some design differentiation. We think the original is awesome; let us know what you think of the new version.
Behind the scenes with Horween
Week In Review ~ 23 February
If you check out Horween’s website you’ll see the words ‘Famous Horween Leathers’. It’s not boasting, it’s fact because they are famous, with a reputation built on years of solid, top-quality products. So what goes on behind the scenes to produce such world-class leathers? Work, lots of work. Find out more here.
Happy snapper
Week In Review ~ 23 February
Forget boring camera straps – these are bold, bright and guaranteed to have people looking at you when you take their photos. Stemming from a collaboration between Sarah Frances Kuhn and Meredith Wendell the straps incorporate diverse materials, from climbing rope and Italian leather to polished chain and Scottish plaid, a varied mix if ever there was one. The straps come in different sizes with a leather neckband for comfort. Obviously they won’t appeal to everyone but it’s nice to see something different from run-of-the-mill straps.
The great divide: Buying local versus internationally-produced carry
Week In Review ~ 23 February
Are you a firm believer in patriotic carry buying, i.e. purchasing carry items made in your home country? Alternatively you’re keen to look further ashore, not minding where the item comes from as long as it fulfils your needs. If you haven’t done so already, check out our ‘Insights: Made In’ post for a discussion on this topic. There are loads of excellent comments which you may want to participate in as well (but we definitely recommend reading them at least!).


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