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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 2 November

by , November 3, 2013

Week In Review ~ 2 November

What better companion to a new luggage collection from Crumpler than some helpful packing tips? Plus we’ve got some slick office/play carry, an environmentally-friendly and distinct means of carrying cash and cards, as well as a possible end to frantic morning searches for your AWOL wallet…

Crumpler toughens up on luggage damage

Week In Review ~ 2 November

The international sport of suitcase tossing is a time-honored tradition in airports across the world but Crumpler’s new hard case collection is ready to play and come out victorious on the other side of your journey. The Vis-à-Vis collection includes four pieces with a choice of red or black straps that help to reduce pressure on the zip and handles that are designed to be easy and comfortable to grab. Carry-on options include the Vis-à-Vis Cabin and Vis-à-Vis Attaché which has an interior padded compartment for your laptop, while check-in luggage is catered to with two sizes of check-in trunk.

A corker of a wallet

Week In Review ~ 2 November

If leather and textile wallets just don’t do it for you, TapeGear’s Cork Wallet might just float your boat. The aesthetics won’t appeal to everyone but if you like your carry to demonstrate a healthy dose of difference from the  mainstream, this wallet certainly is eye-catching and bound to generate a question or two from curious onlookers. The eco-friendly construction and use of sustainable materials is a plus too. In addition, this wallet is super lightweight, coming in at just 10 grams, and it won’t strain your bank balance either at £15 (around US$24).

Ruggedly refined rucksack

Week In Review ~ 2 NovemberThe distinguished gentleman’s carry requires a bit of refinement. It’s got to look the part, understatedly elegant in design, but with solid and reliable construction. The Fuller rucksack from Ernest Alexander aims to be your go-to bag for a range of gentlemanly pursuits, whether it’s looking natty as you stroll down the office corridor at work or getting ready for that leisurely sightseeing trip. Waxed canvas, vegetable tanned leather and brass hardware come together to form a sleek silhouette with just enough ruggedness to make it a handsome piece that looks like it means business. So what’s the catch? Well the price tag is likely to make you catch your breath (US $495) so it’s certainly not an impulse buy.

Packing for maximum efficiency with minimal effort

There are lots of great packing tips out there but how about tips from someone who is paid to find the most efficient solution to any problem they are faced with? Dave Hax has been appointed the first ever Efficiency Engineer for Holiday Inn Express and he shares some pretty handy packing tips in the video above. Plus, folding laundry will go from a drag to an awesome opportunity to test your new ninja folding skills…

Where’s Wally…

Week In Review ~ 2 November

Ah, the joys of running late for work and you can’t find your wallet. Distil Union aims to avoid getting to work late and in a foul mood by offering a wallet that attaches to your iPhone. Known as the Wally Stick-On Wallet, this wallet is designed to fit on the back of your phone and serve as a slim means of carrying cards and cash. Then everytime you wander ‘Where’s Wally?’ to yourself, you just need to find your phone (yes, there is a problem in that you could forget where your phone is too, but hopefully you have a spouse/flatmate/girlfriend/boyfriend/child/landline to phone your phone). Is this genius or madness? Well we road tested it so you can decide for yourself…


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