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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 18 August

by , August 18, 2012
Week In Review ~ 18 August
Welcome to this Week In Review, your chance to kick back and enjoy some insight into a new collaboration, a bit of season styling and some travel tips.  Plus a collection that can keep up with work and play and how to help the planet by buying bags – yes, feed your carry addiction guilt-free in the knowledge that you’re helping the planet.  Score.
Jack Spade Meets Barbour

Week In Review ~ 18 August

Jack Spade and Barbour have teamed up to create a limited edition collection of bags and jackets.  The bags in the range include the Barbour Pocket Messenger and Coal Bag (left and right in the pic above), as well as the Travelall and Supply Brief.  The bags are constructed out of waxed canvas with raw-edge Italian leather details.  They feature brass hardware and removable shoulder straps.  You can view the collection here.

Living Life on the Board: Burton Cityline Collection

Week In Review ~ 18 August

Burton gets to grips with the heritage look via a new range of bags which can fit in with your lifestyle, whether you work a corporate board or a snowboard.  The Cityline collection incorporates the (from left to right) Manchester Pack, Industrial Duffel, Londonderry Pack and Stratton Messenger.

Functional Fall Packs

Week In Review ~ 18 August

nanamica give a season makeover to their bags for their Fall 2012 collection.  With a choice of navy or orange, these bags are constructed out of hardwearing Cordura twill polyester and are light enough that they’ll fit in well with your urban adventure lifestyle whilst still being able to take some knocks. There’s the Cycling pack, Briefcase and Day Pack so the collection is pretty versatile.

Traveling Tips: Making Your Money And Your Itinerary Go Further

Week In Review ~ 18 August
So you hear about those adventurers who travel the world, no base to call their own but the world is their home and it sounds very cool but there’s one question in the back of your mind…how do they afford to do it?  Do they not eat?  Do they smuggle rare and exotic animals across borders, strategically strapped somewhere across their bodies?  Well now you can get a little insight into the world traveler mindset through this write-up from Chris Dame, the man who can fit all his worldly possessions in a backpack.
Going Green: Eco-carry
Week In Review ~ 18 August
Using recycled materials for your carry needs is epic –  the planet is happy, designers are happy getting creative, you’re happy getting an awesome bag, the bag’s happy getting a new lease on life, birds sing louder, bunnies hop higher, the sun shines brighter…okay you get the point.  Check out our Eco-carry :: Fly Over post for a selection of brands displaying their green credentials.  Tyres and hosepipes never looked so good.


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