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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 17 November

by , November 17, 2012
Week In Review ~ 17 November
This Week In Review steps back from the carry items themselves to focus on the people and brands behind the carry. Then it’s on to a cool new collaboration and Tumi’s answer to that all important question: how does one carry one’s vodka…
Travelteq gets talkative
Week In Review ~ 17 November
We’re all about the carry here but sometimes it’s nice to get a view of the people behind the carry. After all, if it wasn’t for them there would be no awesome items to stare longingly at whilst hoping in vain that your account balance will suddenly increase by a few zeroes. This little slice of insight into the life of Michiel van Ogtrop, the Partner and Managing Director at Travelteq, will have to suffice until a banking system error makes a generous contribution to our carry collections. On the subject of Travelteq, why not check out our 5 Minutes With Travelteq post for additional insight into the brand.
Like father, like son
Week In Review ~ 17 November
Dana Gleason’s Mystery Ranch brand is right up there with the best of carry but before Mystery Ranch (and several other brands including Dana Design – what can we say, the guy has a gift) it all started in 1975 with Kletterwerks (roughly translated as “climbing factory”). And climb is exactly what Kletterwerks did, increasing in influence and becoming an industry game-changer until the brand rights were sold in the early 1980s and the end of Kletterwerks followed shortly after. That is until Gleason’s son stepped in to revive the brand with a full collection that can be purchased now. Want to find out more? Yeah, we thought you might – click here for an awesome write-up on Kletterwerks’ history and rebirth.

All American Artisan: Frank Clegg

You know what Carryology is all about and you probably know we’re doing a collaboration with Frank Clegg, so we figured you might want to know what Frank Clegg is all about. Check out the video above for some insight into the man behind some of the most beautiful carry on offer today.

Incase take to the street

Week In Review ~ 17 November
Incase have been churning out the creativity lately, with their EO Travel Collection and their BEAMS collaboration. Well now Incase are rocking the gold and black look through a new collaboration with streetwear label Stussy and the complete Series 001 Collection will be available within a few months. The collection includes the likes of a backpack, duffle and iPhone case.
Tumi mix things up with a new take on drinks to go
Week In Review ~ 17 November
So if James Bond ever wanted a portable martini, he’d probably carry it in a Tumi Mixology Set – well the case does come wrapped in ballistic nylon. That being said, the case probably won’t stop a speeding bullet but it’s got killer looks. Tumi have teamed up with Ketel One Vodka to produce this limited edition set and yes, it has a price tag that – dare we say it – will leave you shaken, not stirred and is enough to drive you to drink. Though you’d probably need to be plastered already before agreeing to buy it – it’ll set you back $3,995.
Taking the MW VX Small Rucksack out for a spin
Week In Review ~ 17 November
Considering a Mission Workshop VX Small Rucksack? Well we just happen to have put this bag through its paces with a road test which may help you decide if it’s the one for you.


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