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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 17 May

Week In Review ~ 17 May

by , May 17, 2015

Luxury carry with a focus on socially responsible production, great backpacks for active kids and an organizer that will change the way you pack for the better – find out more in our Week In Review…

Save time and stay organized on the go


Do you often find that the piece of gear you need has done a disappearing act at the bottom of your bag? Or it’s sandwiched between other items and you end up emptying half the bag’s contents to get to it? Call it Murphy’s law, the universe’s idea of a joke or a limiting bag design – it doesn’t change the fact that it’s annoying. The Gobi Gear HOBOROLL is ready to change the way you pack, so you can avoid undoing all your packing or rummaging around for ten minutes trying to find something. The HOBOROLL contains divided sections to keep your gear organized, with drawstring closure on both ends so you can access the contents more easily. It can be carried on its own or within another bag, with compression straps to help keep the load compact. The zippered pouch is handy for small items such as keys and also doubles as clever storage for the HOBOROLL when not in use.

Riding in style

WaterField Designs Rapide Saddlebag

Cycling to work has many great benefits, from staying fit to reducing transport costs. However, bike bags can sometimes look a bit too sporty for the work commute. In collaboration with RuthWorks SF designer Ely Rodriguez, WaterField Designs have released the Rapide Saddlebag to provide a smart alternative. A handsome full-grain leather exterior is home to the waxed canvas Mini Tool Roll which can be removed for easy access to your bike tools. Able to fit cash as well, the bag attaches under a bike seat using a toe clip strap and looks stylish whether you’re heading to the office or spending your downtime on two wheels.

Doing it for the kids

Osprey Kids' backpacks

When it’s time to hit the trails with the kids, you could give them a generic kids’ backpack and hope for the best. Osprey has a better option though, with their new range of children’s backpacks that offer all the benefits of adult packs (from function to custom fit and features) but in child-friendly sizes. The range features children’s hydration packs for day hikes and biking, including the HydraJet hiking hydration pack and the Moki biking hydration pack. Plus there’s a choice of kids’ backpacks for day hikes, including the Jet 18 and Jet 12. Rounding things off is the Ace Series of overnight packs for children aged 10 to 17 years old, which feature an adjustable torso and hipbelt so the packs can accommodate growing users for several years, rather than having to replace packs with each growth spurt.


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