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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 16 March

Week In Review ~ 16 March

by , March 16, 2014

Wondering what’s been happening in the world of carry lately? Modular packs for urban exploring, dapper gentleman’s carry and versatile style for the work space are just a few of the new players eager to demonstrate their skills in the carry arena…

Hot new entries to the world of modular carry systems

Week In Review ~ 16 March

Sometimes bags are pretty standard. Other times they make you do a double-take. Ember Equipment’s backpacks fall in the latter category. Designed as urban travel packs, they feature designated pockets and sections for tech gear and waterproof interior linings. In addition, an assortment of cases and pouches can be connected to the waterproof exterior of the packs via magnetic coupling hardware. To discover more check out the Kickstarter campaign.

Combining fantasy and functionality

Week In Review ~ 16 March

There are a few factors that brands often highlight – quality, style, functionality, versatility. Gnome & Bow takes a different approach by emphasising something that’s often overlooked in carry, namely fun. Many carry items can tell you a story of where they’ve been thanks to the character they take on through extensive use but Gnome & Bow’s pieces play with stories in the literal sense and are keen to capture the imagination in addition to offering functional and stylish quality. The brand is a new fashion label based in Singapore that specialises in men’s accessories. Their debut carry collection, the Hare & the Flying Tortoise, consists of a variety of pieces such as a backpack, duffle, billfold, folio and briefcase. If you’re keen to find out more, Gnome & Bow has just launched a crowdfunding campaign.

Accessories for on-the-go adventure

Week In Review ~ 16 March

If you haven’t seen the Boreas Spring 2014 accessories program you can enjoy a peek right here at their Funston lumbar pack, Presidio sling pack and Stinson mini messenger. What’s the snag? You’re going to have some trouble getting hold of these right now unless you’re planning a trip to Japan. Don’t despair though, if you don’t mind a delivery wait you may be able to find them on Japanese websites such as Rakuten if you’re quick.

Don’t let rain dampen your spirits

Week In Review ~ 16 March

Dark and cloudy skies have caused more than a few scowls from cyclists but sometimes you just have to hope for the best and set out on your bike, whether you’re commuting to work, meeting up with friends or have errands to run. Then the clouds open up on you for your audacity and give you and your gear a good soaking. Unless you have the Gear Bag 30, a new 2014 offering from Velo Transit that comes in different sizes to accommodate male and female cyclists. Unfortunately it won’t keep you dry but this waterproof pack will keep the contents dry so you never need to fear for your gear and the contoured back panel and ergonomic shoulder pads aim to improve load-carrying comfort so you arrive in a good mood at your destination regardless of the weather.

Working the versatile office style

Week In Review ~ 16 MarchNavigating the world of work carry can be a tricky task when it comes to pieces that are functional and stylish enough to be carried around the office but also versatile enough to be slung on your back for easy carrying or bike commuting. ACME’s new PEAK messenger bag-backpack aims to cater to all these needs and is exactly what it sounds like – a bag that can be carried as a messenger or a backpack. There’s plenty of interior pocketing to hold tech gadgets and other EDC work essentials and the bag comes in a choice of office-friendly black, brown and grey.


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