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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 12 October

by , October 13, 2013

Week In Review ~ 12 October

A new GORUCK bag is born (or rather set loose to charge forth and take no prisoners), a fledgling brand gets ready to leave the nest with a work/weekend adventure collection, and we scope out some tasty carry for your Apple gadgets. Plus Black Diamond launches into song with winter’s approach and Tailfeather struts its stuff with an eye-catching business piece…

A new brand of men’s carry gets ready to take flight

Week In Review ~ 12 October

Founded in 2013, Jbird Collective is a young brand keen to stretch its wings and judging by the Kickstarter campaign for its Resin Collection and associated accessories the maiden flight is going to be successful. The Resin Collection includes three pieces, the TechPack backpack, the Bloke briefcase and the Kilo carryall which can attach to the pack and briefcase. Each piece features ruggedly refined aesthetics and is constructed from waxed canvas and full grain leather with 1000d Cordura lining and military grade hardware. But is it component overkill for your day-to-day carry needs? Well in the words of the brand’s founder, “I could have made the products cheaper by using generic material and hardware. And sure, 95 percent of people will probably never need a buckle with a 2,000 lb weight rating or such a durable liner when the shell material is already so strong. But, I designed this collection for the other 5 percent. These products were created to last a lifetime.” It’s certainly not a collection that would suit everyone, but with versatile looks and design which enable the pieces to kick back during leisure travels or knuckle down for work environments, you might class yourself in that 5 percent.

Fulki takes a bite out of the Apple carry category

Week In Review ~ 12 October

If you love your Apple products you want to keep them safe while on the go. If that safe haven happens to look good, all the better. The people behind Fulki have embraced this philosophy with a selection of carry accessories designed to accommodate iPads and iPhones as well as a phone wallet that holds cards, cash and a phone. The pieces are handmade out of Italian vegetable-tanned leather and come in a selection of colors and designs for smooth and understated to something a bit different (croco leather anyone? Don’t worry, real crocs would approve…). Whether you’re after some sleek sophistication for that business meeting, tough construction for travel trekking or just something nice to keep your expensive tech gadgets in, Fulki aim to fulfil your needs.

GORUCK welcomes a new family member

Week In Review ~ 12 October

Was this day always destined to come? Many people dreamed but now that dream is a reality. First there was the GR1, then there was the GR2, then came…the GR0. Rather than a bigger offering, GORUCK have scaled things down with their GR0 which is basically a mini version of the GR1. Dynamite in small packages? Well, you could say this packs a lot of power in a petite form. It comes with the same features and tough-as-nails construction as the GR1 but with a volume of 21 liters (as opposed to the GR1’s 26 liters). GORUCK recommends the GR0 if you’re less than 6 foot tall, versus the GR1 if you’re taller than 6 foot, in order to get the best fit from your pack. If you’re one of those crazy people who takes pleasure in hauling bricks around for training (or entertainment?) purposes, you’ll be pleased to note this pack holds six of them. Of course, you could just settle for some tech gadgets, a jacket and a sandwich but hey, each to their own.

Freezing the winter blues

Week In Review ~ 12 October

For those in the Northern Hemisphere winter is approaching and in many places some serious snow is coming with it. Yep, time for that snow shovel and there’s nothing quite like digging a path down your driveway when you’re already late for work. However, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. Far from it, in fact. Black Diamond takes the approach of celebrating that snow with some kickass backcountry pursuits. When it’s time to play, the Anthem backpack is ready to partner you on some skiing shenanigans. The sternum strap and hip belt help to keep the weight well distributed, with a tuck-away diagonal ski carry system and main access via the back panel. There’s a separate front section for keeping your snow tools organized, as well as a helmet holder and a top pocket for quick access to smaller items. It’s also worth noting the influence Boreas seem to be having on the outdoor market, with this, the Gregory Sketch and many other new releases following a similar path.

Classic carry with modern city styling

Week In Review ~ 12 OctoberNeed to look sharp in the office? Sometimes no matter how smart they look, backpacks and messengers just don’t cut it in the corporate world. So what do you do? You go to the boss of business carry – the briefcase. Briefcases have some old-school carry credentials but that doesn’t mean they can’t boast killer contemporary looks. Tailfeather’s Kestrel briefcase is ready to swoop in with chic styling, featuring handstitched top-grain leather and eight brass feet. The unisex style works for women and men and there are two size options to suit 13-inch and 15-inch laptops. The briefcase comes in two colors, brown and black, with pockets that can hold a phone and pens when you’re not busy working it.


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