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Week in Review

Week In Review ~ 10 April

Week In Review ~ 10 April

by , April 10, 2016

A suave wallet that lets you stash your cash in style, carry that tackles thieves head on, and a business bag that’s in it for the long haul. Discover more in our Week In Review…

Combat carry thieves

Loctote Industrial Bag Co. Flak Sack

You can’t always keep an eye on your bag, but with the Flak Sack you don’t have to. Think a lightweight and portable locker for your EDC, travel or gym essentials; a bag that you can lock and secure to any stationary object to ensure opportunistic thieves don’t get their sticky fingers on your belongings. Designed as a theftproof drawstring backpack, the Flak Sack is constructed from a highly cut-resistant fabric that still remains soft and comfortable to the touch. The pack has a steel-reinforced locking strap and a heavy-duty lock for securing the bag in place. But safety features extend to the interior of the bag too, with a water-resistant pocket that also offers RFID-blocking protection. The Flak Sack’s exterior leather logo badge serves as a storage space for the lock when not in use, while a key clip keeps keys within easy reach. Check out the Flak Sack Kickstarter campaign to learn more.

Zippy access to cash and cards

Tanner Goods Universal Zip Wallet

Clean, classy and practical, the Universal Zip Wallet from Tanner Goods is a fine example of beautiful design that can be used by anyone in a range of settings. Business, travel, or grabbing groceries on the way home from work – this wallet looks and feels great wherever it’s used. Simple and elegant, the wallet is handcrafted from handsome and hard-wearing Meridian English bridle leather in a choice of three colorways. It holds cards and cash, organized through a central interior pocket and two card slots, and is secured with a durable Riri zipper.

Travel style meets tech-friendly design

Raden A22

Sleek in both looks and movement, the Raden A22 carry-on is all about making travel easier. How does it do that? By packing in a host of handy features while maintaining a chic and compact form. The carry handle also serves as a luggage scale, Bluetooth proximity sensors let you easily locate the case, plus an integrated 7800mAh battery keeps your tech juiced on the go. For improved efficiency the case includes two 2.1A USB ports so you can charge two devices at the same time. The resilient polycarbonate shell is lightweight but tough enough to handle the trials of demanding travel, and the water-resistant zip adds extra protection from the elements. Add in durable spinner wheels for easy maneuverability, a TSA-approved lock, and interior organization for your belongings and you’re all good to go.

A warrior for work and play

Bedouin Foundry Genghis

Bedouin Foundry’s Genghis exudes relaxed charm but can buckle down when it’s time to graft. Now with an updated design, the Genghis is raring to conquer even more demanding carry needs courtesy of a new double buckle closure. The bag features two AustriAlpin Cobra buckles on the flap – and as an added bonus, the hardware boost hasn’t resulted in a price tag boost. Crafted by hand in England (with workmanship and materials guaranteed for life), the Genghis is constructed from durable Scottish waxed canvas, attractive Italian vegetable-tanned leather, and an eye-catching handprinted cotton lining. Available in Navy, Khaki or Black, the Genghis fits a 15″ laptop and includes front zip and sleeve pockets for organizing smaller items.

A hard-working business bag that will go the distance

Freitag R523 HOFFMAN

The business world can be tough – but then so are truck tarps. Pair a versatile design with this durable material and you’ve got a solid work partner in the form of the FREITAG REFERENCE R523 HOFFMANN Business Bag. The R523 HOFFMANN can be carried as a briefcase or shoulder bag and features a padded compartment for a 15″ laptop. Work tools and other EDC can be organized in a choice of two exterior and interior pockets. The bag is also available in a variety of colorways, and since the recycled truck tarp has taken on its own distinct traces of past journeys, no two bags are exactly the same.


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