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Trakke Og

Exclusive First Look | Trakke Og

by , October 30, 2021

It’s no surprise that we’re fans of Trakke here at Carryology. We’ve collaborated with them on bags, and community meetups, and they make some of our readers’ favorite softgoods. There’s a reason for that – Trakke absolutely nails every release, delivering exactly what they set out to, and they do it in style. The new Og is no exception, and it’ll surprise you how well it fits into your everyday adventures.


Dimensions: 50x22x18cm

Color: Black, Olive, Whisky

Volume: 20 Liters

Weight: 0.6 Kg

Materials: Dry Finish Waxed Canvas, Cotton Webbing

Price: £100

Trakke Og

The Og, which roughly translates from Gaelic to “junior”, fits its namesake. It’s the simplest bag in the Trakke collection. Minimal seams. Minimal pocketing. Minimal moving parts. This all in the name of minimalistic durability, allowing you to focus on the adventure at hand, knowing your gear is in one place, safe, and protected from the elements due to the fantastic dry-finish waxed canvas that Trakke is known for.

Trakke Og

The one, singular moving part on the Og is a small, weatherproof accessory pocket on the rear side, near the nape of your neck. It’s adorned with Trakke’s signature orange liner and circular zipper pull. This is a great place to stash your glasses as the sun goes down, or a snack after a day in the field. Keep note that it’s not padded.

Trakke Og

The single-compartment interior is accessed via roll-top and secured with one of Trakke’s new metal G-hook buckles. This buckle is almost impossible to break, and it’s easy to replace in the field if ever necessary. It’s a small thing that puts the Og at the top of the will-last-forever list, and it’s easy to use. We couldn’t think of a more elegant solution.

G-buckle roll-top

Two folds. Two rolls. However you’d call it. That’s all that’s necessary to open and close the Og’s main compartment. The beauty of the roll-top, most any roll-top, is that it compresses and expands to fit what you’re carrying, and the Og is no exception. While two rolls are required to keep it “weatherproof”, you could technically run it with the top completely unfolded if necessary. Once open, the Og’s main compartment is a black hole, typical of gear haulers and reminiscent of the old duffels that men-at-arms would carry during the mid-century. That said, you have to pack with a plan. What’s at the bottom isn’t accessible without first removing everything on top of it.

Trakke Og

If you’ve used Trakke’s other two-strap bags, you’ll be familiar with the Og’s shoulder straps. They’re well-shaped, with just enough padding to be comfortable with most loads, but not enough to feel bulky – light and fast is the focus of the Og. The metal hardware, like the G-hook, adds a quick pop of contrast to the bag, which comes in black as seen here, or in Trakke’s other typical earthy tones. If you prefer a sternum strap, you can purchase one, but we didn’t find it necessary with a pack this size.

Dry-finish waxed canvas shoulder straps

The Trakke Og is that bag you never knew you wanted. It has everything you need and nothing you don’t. It’ll feel as right at home hauling your groceries as it will hauling your essential gear in the harshest conditions. Keep one, or two, on hand for your next adventure, as they easily pack away inside your luggage or larger bags. And at £100 the price is absolutely right.

Trakke Og

With this release, Trakke made a decision to buck many of the current trends of technical laminate materials and complex access mechanisms and pocketing. While simple, effective heritage goods are often what Trakke is known for anyway, they’ve doubled down with the Og. It’s elegant in its simplicity while demanding your attention when you look at it. Pick one up, use it, and hand it down to your grandkids.

Launches October 29th 5PM BST at Trakke.

Dry-finish waxed canvas


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