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Bellroy x Patty Mills

Bellroy x Patty Mills Capsule | New Release

by , May 6, 2023

Our friends at Bellroy have released a limited edition capsule with NBA basketballer, Olympic medallist and proud Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australian, Patty Mills.

The collection features Mills’s favorite pieces he carries while on the road during the NBA season and traveling home to Australia. And inside each piece you’ll find vibrant artwork created by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists to represent his Indigenous Australian culture. Telling the story of his connection to land, sea and sky – and giving each piece that internal ‘pop’ we love so much!

Patty Mills: “The NBA environment [is one of] of constant travel – you play 82 plus games throughout the course of one season. Constant plane rides, bus rides, different hotels … the schedule on its own is what makes the NBA so tough,” says Mills. “A big part of that is how you travel and how you carry things. So for me [the collection] was an opportunity to be able to pick pieces that I actually used.”

“What I like to do is if I have everything on me – which is what I do – I’ll have the duffel in my hand and wear the backpack, and I’ll put the sling into the backpack. And then if I am going out for the day then I’ll just take the sling and have everything in that.”

Bellroy x Patty Mills

The Bellroy x Patty Mills capsule includes the Duffel, Sling, Classic Backpack, Tech Kit, Apex Slim Sleeve, and Apex Passport Cover. A collection of gear perfect for an adventurous NBA life when you’re bouncing from training to away games to off-season travel and everything in between.

Indigenous Australian artwork

The custom artwork represents Patty’s own Indigenous heritage and his connection to the land, sky, and sea. Bright and bold, it features totems of Patty Mills’s family, specifically the frigatebird and sea turtle, along with patterns representing community and travel.

Bellroy x Patty Mills Backpack
Bellroy x Patty Mills Tech Kit

The capsule collection combines Bellroy’s signature attention to design details, eco-tanned leathers, and recycled materials with Patty’s streetstyle-inspired aesthetic. The artwork features across the bag linings and is debossed into the leather of the two wallets.

Bellroy x Patty Mills Apex Slim Sleeve
Bellroy x Patty Mills Apex Passport Cover

Together the capsule pieces work as an effective system for carrying essential travel items through different settings, while also keeping the day-to-day items you need close at hand.

And on a brand and collaboration front, it’s a fine example of what can happen when brands and athletes get together with a genuine goal to tell stories and learn from each other.

“I didn’t realize how much thought and effort goes into making a simple bag,” he said. “But I guess this is where I learned that the level of place that Bellroy is at has come a long way and separates them from essentially any other bag company.”

“I loved the openness and willingness to learn about my culture. And I think that was the real connecting piece at the end of the day, of me wanting to learn about the bags and then in return them wanting to learn about who I am and my culture, which I was more than willing to share and glad that we’re able to do it in a very creative way in this collection.”


The Bellroy x Patty Mills capsule is a celebration of Patty and Bellroy’s shared values including efficient travel, global perspectives, and sharing stories wherever life takes you. The limited-edition collection is available now.

Classic Backpack


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