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Mikey Scott

Reddit AMA Series :: Mikey Scott, Herschel Supply Co.

by , May 15, 2015

Update: It’s already gone down: Here’s the link. 

Ever wished you could be the one in the interviewer’s seat? Digging down into details you really want to know about or asking that off-the-wall question you’d love carry professionals to answer? Well now you can.
We’re running a series of Reddit AMAs (Ask Me Anything) with the cream of the carry world. Not only do we want to boost the Carryology experience, but we also want to give crew an opportunity to learn from the best. We’re kicking off with Mikey Scott, Global Marketing Director for Herschel Supply Co. Why will this particular AMA be rad? Because Herschel’s undeniably done prodigious things in 6 years and Mikey’s been the man getting the message out – and boy has he nailed it! 

AMA Details

My name’s Mikey Scott. Born and raised on the east coast of Canada, I moved to Vancouver in search of real mountains, fueling my passion for sports, culture and travel.  Having worked with Nike, Quiksilver and Red Bull, nothing could have prepared me more for the role I’m currently challenged by everyday, as the Global Marketing Director for Herschel Supply Co.
We are a Vancouver-based global accessory brand that launched in 2009.  In terms of fast growth, creating the #welltravelled hashtag movement on Instagram and being labeled as a success story in just six years of business, some might even go as far as saying that Herschel Supply was responsible for reinventing the backpack.
So, if you want to chat global marketing or how to build brands, I’m your man.
MikeyScott AMA

Tune in and chat:

14th May, 6pm (EST)

LA: 14 May, 3pm (PDT)
Sydney: 15 May, 8am (GMT+10)
Singapore: 15 May, 6am (SGT)
Japan: 15 May, 7am (JST)
France: 15 May, 12am (GMT+2)
Germany: 15 May, 12am (GMT+2)
UK: 14 May, 11pm (GMT+1).

Tips for using Reddit and their AMAs

If you want to participate in the AMA you will need to have a Reddit account. If you don’t have one already it’s easy (and free!) to sign up for one. Visit Reddit.com and look for the link near the top right corner of the page (the bit that says “want to join? in seconds” – or just click this link 😉 ).
Be aware that it might take some time for questions to start getting answered and that not all questions may be answered. So to improve the chances of your question being answered, take the time to think about what you want to ask and make it a good one! You can also check out some of the past AMAs to get a feel for the format.
You’ll find the Mikey Scott Reddit AMA at http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/ when it’s live but keep an eye on our social channels too – we’ll give you a direct link when it’s showtime!
Also make sure to stick to the Reddit rules of use – they’re simple and make it a fun experience for everyone participating. 🙂


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